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So this cheese was sitiing around the fridge for a while and I figured it was time for it to make its debut. Check out our friends at Gourmet Library as they may have it in stock.

Here is some great information from Colston Bassett Dairy – Just click the link

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Ok it is a little long but if you are a fan of Montepulciano the grape or the City watch this!

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This was made the same time the Spiedini in Episode 168 - also we get a glimpse at Little Kahuna 2 in this episode. Again this was filmed on super hot day so it is a little laid back. If you want to skip ahead to see Little Kahuna 2 just go to minute 3.44 to catch a glimpse.

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Here is a great value wine from Puglia made from an interesting grape Uva di Troia – This is a nice example of what is happening in Southern Italy. This wine is much more on the new world styled but retains a little of that old world funk. Have served this to several people and all have been happy with it. No one would guess this is a $10 bottle

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Here is an article I wrote for about a recent visit to Mario & Lidia’s upscale new age Italian eatery Del Posto.

Del Posto: Mario Batali & Lidia Bastianich Pair New-Age Italian Cuisine with Classic Wines in NYC

Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich are 2 heavyweights of Italian cuisine in New York City, both known throughout the U.S. for their Food Network and PBS cooking shows. When these 2 decided to get together, opening a multi-million dollar restaurant to garnish Michelin stars and award worthy wine lists, needless to say there was a huge anticipation. I consider Mario’s “Babbo” and Lidia’s “Felidia” to be a few of my favorite places so when they decided to open Del Posto a few years back, I could not wait to go. For various reasons, including the mixed press from critics, it has taken me awhile to get there. Yup, I was getting my crocs and shorts out and going Mario style! Okay, I dressed like a “big boy”, but I did bring my big Mario stomach with me… damn thing seems to follow me everywhere! READ MORE

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Rogue Creamery is based in Oregon and they make from what I can tell is one of the best domestic blue’s I have ever had. This unique cheese actually uses “mold spores” if you will from around the world and blended with their own. It definitely comes through as this has more of an European taste to it.  I know right now Wine Library and FairWay both have it in stock so go give it a try. Here is the link to Gourmet Library and tell them KAHUNA sent you! It wont get you anything and they probably will not know what you are talking about but hey it will be fun.

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This was one pain in the butt video to edit together – Anyway despite braving 900 degree heat my team managed to get this video done. I hope you enjoy it! Also the eggplant dish featured in this video will be posted as a separate episode.

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This is a really nice wine crafted by Bennet Lane and is a great tasting wine. Priced under $20. this wine is a definate find.

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