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  • 2007 Grayson Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon – USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (9/6/2010)
    Paid $7.99
    some nice plumb and cedar on the nose followed up with a solid fruit core and a fairly balanced oak treatment- Easy drinking nothing profound and gained complexity as it was opened- Would like to see how this wine would do with a solid 1 hour decant on it. On the pop and pour it was a tad thin- You get all the classic Cabernet Sauvignon notes with this wine and would have no problem rebuying it at this price point (86 pts.)

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  • 2003 Small Gully Shiraz The. Formula Robert’s – Australia, South Australia (8/26/2010)
    stumbled across 3 of these in the basement and really was not holding out much hope being an 03 figured it had broken apart but I was wrong – unscrewed the top and the color was dark- very nice fruit slightly jammy but not too much. Fairly balanced with some nice vanilla notes and some oak seemed present – acidity was in check. Very impressed for the $11 or so spent on this wine. Not overly complex but a real nice wine. Will have to revisit current vintages of this along with some other value favorites like the quarterback (88 pts.)
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  • 2003 Toad Hollow Zinfandel Cacophony – USA, California, Central Coast, Paso Robles (8/26/2010)
    color was not very deep had some nice bricking to it- nose was a little figgy with a touch of luden cherry cough drop- taste carried through with a nice rasberry, cedar nothing to suggest zin in terms of spicy or pepper but was easy drinking and a very nice wine- nothing profound but a solid food wine- would pair this wine with dishes you would typically pair a Pinot Noir with. (87 pts.)
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  • 2006 Mayo Family Winery Pinot Noir The Barnstormer – USA, California, Sonoma County (8/26/2010)
    color was strangely bricked – would have led you to believe this was much older than it was – got a bit of an earthy dried fruit on the nose – taste carried through with some really nice sour cherry and def. a touch of tart pomegranite- finish had some tanin and acidity – I would say this reminded me of the Sonoma pinots produced before 2004 – lots of character without the big bright fruit that the current crop of Cali pinot stars seem to be – which I do no like. Nice job Mayo (89 pts.)
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  • 2001 Sobon Estate Zinfandel ReZerve – USA, California, Sierra Foothills, Amador County (8/15/2010)
    another one that was found amongst the stash- nose of cherry and cedar – light drinking wine well integrated and fairly seemless – fruit of rasberry and easy drinking to the finish- not complex but enjoyable at this point. Fruit is mellow now and would not benefit from any more time being sideways- I liked this as it went well with pesto sauced meatballs we had- good stuff nice to see these sub- $20 wines take nearly a decade of age well- (88 pts.)
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  • 2008 Charles Heidsieck Champagne Brut Réserve – France, Champagne (8/15/2010)
    interesting in that at times this felt big and oher times it sort of went away – regardless the nose had a nutty lemon apple hint and the taste carried on with some lemony orange notes – I felt that there was a sweetness to this but others did not get that- I liked this the least of the three who drunk it-

    This champagne was interesting enough but I liked it chilled more than as it got to room temp- I have a few more bottles but probably would not rebuy this particular 08-seem to think I paid around $35 for this but could be wrong (87 pts.)

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  • 2001 St. Francis Claret – USA, California, Sonoma County (8/15/2010)
    always nice to find a bottle like this amongst the stash- not a wine you typically lay down for 9 years- nose was nice with a some blueberry, leather and vanilla – the taste carries through in a very smooth way and what is present on the nose carries through to the finish – not overly complex- The oak you would expect from St Francis is there but has resolved itself-

    This wine has aged into a very food friendly wine-something I would not normally say of St Francis wines and reminds me why I like decade old wines- (89 pts.)

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  • 2005 Bodegas Diaz Bayo Ribera del Duero Nuestro – Spain, Castilla y León, Ribera del Duero (8/15/2010)
    very dark in color was a little shocked for some reason – nose attacked with some big blackberry jam and whiff of the 14.5% comes through with a touch of vanilla- The fruit attacks up front and would make you think this is a much younger wine. Great dark fruit – feel to thrown anyone in the description cause they are there. what seperates this from just being a fruit bomb is that it has secondary flavors baking spice and shaved pencil and the oak while present is not overbearing. .

    There is a bit of a bitterness on the finish and agree this is not a great wine to pair with food in general but I think some smoky bbq or chipotle pork dish at $18 I would re-buy this (90 pts.)

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