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I shot this video several months ago and forgot about it – so here it is. Someone mentioned in this episode is Dale Cruse who is now(sorry this was shot before it started) embarking on having a glass of Champagne every day for a year- Check out his blog and on Twitter @DaleCruse for some entertainment – Yes I know he is not as adorable and charming as I am but hey go give a look anyway!

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Ok it is a little long but if you are a fan of Montepulciano the grape or the City watch this!

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Here is a great value wine from Puglia made from an interesting grape Uva di Troia – This is a nice example of what is happening in Southern Italy. This wine is much more on the new world styled but retains a little of that old world funk. Have served this to several people and all have been happy with it. No one would guess this is a $10 bottle

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This is a really nice wine crafted by Bennet Lane and is a great tasting wine. Priced under $20. this wine is a definate find.

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Rodney Strong is a fairly large producer of wine and generally they make a very solid product. I never every shy away from grabbing one of their wines as they are always well made. Maybe not always my style but that does not and should detract from the winery as a whole.We have been to their winery and enjoyed it very much. This merlot checks in at around $13 -$15 at most retailers.

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I did a review of this about 5 months or so ago and figured it would be good to see where it is at now and a little info on my thoughts on wine reviews.

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Another nice easy drinking wine from the Rhone- They just continue to push out good quality at great prices. It must be easier making wine than trying to taste it with the nature boy- Wait I have made wine and yes it is easier.

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Australia gets a bad rap by a lot of people who think they know something about wine. Really it comes down to trying different regions and trusting people that generally like the same wines you do. This wine was picked up on Cinderellawine.comwhich is an offshoot site of Wine Library. However on they offer an amazing deal once a night at 9pm Eastern time until it sells out or the next one goes up the following night. So what does 9pm have to do with Cinderella? well nothing.

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