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Ok got it all figured out and all the comments are back- Hate to admit the error was mine …..but it was-oops


Just wanted to let everyone know that for some reason I can not comment from my own blog! Great right-I have responded to everyone who has left comments in the last 3 weeks or so and they are all sitting in my admin area but will not post- I will keep trying to get this fixed and thanks as usual for checking out the site.


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Cigar Guy

Categories : Written Reviews
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[list][*][b]2005 Les Crêtes Syrah Coteau La Tour[/b][i] – Italy, Valle d’Aosta (9/7/2010)[/i]
light wine on pour – nose had some red fruits and rose/floral nose – this followed through with a very light drinking wine with subtle red almost rasberry fruits coming thorugh some earthyness to it- sort of in the Burgundy style – finish had a grapefruit citrus to it- Interesting wine and not what many think of when they read Syrah- This is a wine to be paired with dished you would have a Pinot Noir with. Wife enjoyed this alot for its light drinking ease. Low alcohol makes it very food friendly-

Interesting that I can not find the vintage anywhere on the bottle- Lots of Sediment- Purchased as part of a pack and I guess it pro-rated out to $20- not really a great buy but something that makes me want to understand the region it came from and the style of wines produced their [i][b](87 pts.)[/b][/i]

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  • 2005 Cline Cellars Carignane Ancient Vines – USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Contra Costa County (9/7/2010)
    The nose had a smoky and forest floor smell to it with a little dark fruit to it- This was an interesting wine in that it had several layers of flavors that sort of jumped out at you from a bit of a mushroom water that you get from soaking dried mushrooms to a burst of overripe plumb covered in baking spices and smoked- there was a finish of a bit of tar along with some pine needle and the oak was present but took a back seat-

    2 out of 3 of us enjoyed this wine- I 100% can see where this wine would not be for everyone and I would love to have this against 2 or 3 other California Carignanes just to see what other profiles for this grape made in CA would be. (89 pts.)

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  • 2006 Primo Estate Il Briccone – Australia, South Australia, Mount Lofty Ranges, Adelaide Hills (9/6/2010)
    This wine just was not together for me-

    Nose was nice mix of big Shiraz dark fruit of cherry, plumb and blackberry- this was a fairly big wine and was a little disjointed when we had it. I am a fan of McLaren Vale wines and for some reason I felt a disconnect from the fruit to the acidity. I felt all the got lent to this blend from the 30% Sangioves was the acidity. To pair with food the acidity is ok but the Shiraz fruit would not leave me wanting to pair this with any Italian fare. I have another bottle and will give this some more air time to see if that helps-

    The stuff is all in there but my bottle had it in pieces instead of being all together-Really would like to see the blend be 50-50 Sangio to Shiraz or 70% Sangio at $17 worth the price to try something different. (86 pts.)

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  • 2006 Vina Hermosa Rioja – Spain, La Rioja, Rioja (8/8/2010)
    think I paid $9 for this-
    Some rasberry on the nose with a beaujolais nouveau mixed in- Not really inspiring very light bodied there were points while drinking this wine it had a bizare mid palate and fairly acidic finish and other times the fruit carried through to make this an easy drinker- at its best an 84 and at its worst an 80- just an odd wine-Not consistant from sip to sip and would not rebuy this. If this was an 09 I would put it down to youth but being an 06 can not see anything better happening for it. (83 pts.)
  • I feel like this is not the first bottle of this I have drunk- I seem to remember the label fairly well though I can not find prior notes and I thought I liked it a lot more prior-Oh well old age setting in-
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  • 2004 ZD Wines Pinot Noir Carneros – USA, California, North Coast, Carneros (8/7/2010)
    really nice rasberry and a touch of fig- light bodied wine the rasberry carries through with some bright flavors but extremely restrained there is a touch of earthy tones and would have liked a little more in this department and the finish is smooth- A really nice wine and I wish I had a whole lot more. (90 pts.)
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  • 2007 Ravenswood Zinfandel Old Vine Napa Valley – USA, California, Napa Valley (9/6/2010)
    Stunningly disappointed in this wine

    Nose started off with a bit of nice dark cherry that quickly gave way to an alcohol note- Something went wrong in the process with this wine- the fruit was ok but everything was out of joint on this wine the fruit seemed a bit sweet there was no mid palat then an overwhelming hit of the alcohol- Tanins present along with a touch of smoke-
    Ugh (82 pts.)

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