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Chef Keith Snow is on a roll with his cookbook, cooking videos and now his sauce line. I know Chef Keith through the great Internet and really respect his whole philosophy of using whole, natural and local foods. This video puts his Thoughtful Harvest Fire Roasted Red Pepper Sauce to the test.  Please check out his websites for cooking videos and to purchase his all natural all American products.

Also right now through the end of September they are doing a half price shipping on the sauces at not to mention a taste guarantee! Check out the Facebook Page

Here is a video from Chef Keith Snow’s guest spot on Gary Vaynerchuks WineLibrary TV

Click Here for the post and video where I mention Chef Keith Snow in the past and see his amazing oven!

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Rogue Creamery puts out the Rogue River Blue and it is one of the finest Blue Cheeses I have had- A must try.

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I know another cheese Taste Test Tuesday – but what can  I say – I love the cheese! My blood work comes back so find out if I am due to drop dead on camera or not!

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So we did the Hirtenkase cheese a little while back and after the episode published, I received word from my buddy Anthony Soriano about the reserve version of this cheese- I was intrigued to say the least and it turns out the reserve version is select cheeses that are then aged longer. Gourmet Library gets this cheese in from time to time so be on the look out for it.

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So this cheese was sitiing around the fridge for a while and I figured it was time for it to make its debut. Check out our friends at Gourmet Library as they may have it in stock.

Here is some great information from Colston Bassett Dairy – Just click the link

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Rogue Creamery is based in Oregon and they make from what I can tell is one of the best domestic blue’s I have ever had. This unique cheese actually uses “mold spores” if you will from around the world and blended with their own. It definitely comes through as this has more of an European taste to it.  I know right now Wine Library and FairWay both have it in stock so go give it a try. Here is the link to Gourmet Library and tell them KAHUNA sent you! It wont get you anything and they probably will not know what you are talking about but hey it will be fun.

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Ok after a long time off getting settled with Little Kahuna 2  it is time to get back to some videos! Here is a cheese you do not see around unless you are shopping someplace with a really well stocked cheese counter. This is Lagrein and it comes from Northern Italy and the cheese is soaked in wine- so that has to be good right?

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In this episode I am slow roasting some chicken legs using Cripple Creek BBQ Sauce and Rub. Chef John Lynch creates these great products, bottles and ships them so you know you are getting a quality fresh sauce. The original BBQ sauce used in this episode is Organic and John takes the time to do the little things that matter like chopping fresh garlic by hand and not using it out of a jar. Please take a moment to visit John’s website and order some of his great products- I ordered the gift pack which came with 2 BBQ sauces, basting brush and the all purpose Rub and for $20 this is a steal plus I you can pick out what 2 sauces you want. Next time you are in your supermarket and getting ready to pick up a BBQ sauced just take a look at the ingredients and put it back down- because once you see the purity of the ingredients in John’s sauces you get an idea about what a big difference there is.

I make my own BBQ sauce often but more times than not I am looking for a BBQ sauce last minute for a late planned meal and right now Cripple Creek BBQ sauce will be my go to brand. I will be trying all the varieties John makes over the coming months and if I do not care for one, do not worry I will let you know. One thing for sure, if it is not to my liking it will just be a matter of personal taste and not the craftmanship behind it.

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