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So this is basically the final video of the Lasagna – though there are a few small videos that will go up after this- This video takes us through assembly of the grand ole dame. Sadly no video of her coming out of the oven but I was able to get some video of one last sad little piece. Enjoy!

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Here is the second part of the sauce for the lasagna – remember there is a tab up top that will feature all the episodes relating to this series. The first part of the sauce is Episode 139

Also I mention in this video  Chef Keith Snow and below is a picture of his Lacanche Range stove I referenced and click this link read his post on it  – Please check out his website also.

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Here is the first part in making the sauce and bottom layer of the lasagna this will be broken into 2 videos since it runs pretty long- Anyway enjoy! Oh and sorry about the screaming almost 3 year old child but that is Cooking in Chaos!

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This will be a 4 or 5 part episode series with it’s very own tab on top shortly. In this episode I make the meatballs which I have done before but this time I make a little denser meatball as it will be getting cooked really 3 times. Little Kahuna is very helpful this time around and appears to have found his calling which may lead me to get a charcuterie box in the house.

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