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Potato Salad With Hummus – Episode 79

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This is a little bit of a non traditional potato salad recipe but it reacarotlly comes out good. The main difference in this recipe is that it is made with 1/2 mayo and half hummus- the hummus I used was from Sabra which makes a really great creamy style. I also add some relish to the potato salad and hard boiled eggs. I mention a food blog in this episode and here is the link check it some great food writing over there.

Also in this episode I think I mention 3 pounds of potatoes but it was really more like 5 pounds which I figured out when I went to grab a few spuds and realized I had none left- So knowing I had bought 5 lbs and now had none left it must be that I used 5lbs- Sometimes my brilliance even amazes me.

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Bruschetta basically is bread rubbed with garlic, grilled and drizzled with Olive Oil- Simple as can be and quite good if your olive oil is good. However we tend to hear the word Bruschetta and think diced up tomato topping-So that is what I make in this episode. There is some lost footage however so after I make the topping it goes to a picture of a half eaten plate of Bruschetta- Oh well, there goes my Academy Award!


So this is just a quick little episode on a double stuffed potato done on the grill with a little Chavrie- it has got lots of fat so I really do not have much more to say-

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So this is just another way to use up some of those zucchinis that are all over the place and don’tworry this is not a healthy recipe. In fact though visually looking on the video probably a 1 on a 10 scale it was amazing- Perhaps one of the top tasting foods I have prepped on these videos yet- Combining Jarlsberg cheese with Portobello mushrooms and butter, I mean come on it has to be good! Please give it a try as I think you might actually need to get more zucc’s just to keep your belly full of these sandwiches.

Picked up a few beautiful Veal Porterhouse cuts from Fairway to throw on the grill. This was a great alternative to the standard grill meat lineup- Also did a mushroom gravy on the grill for the first time and it came out really good- just need to get my proportions of liquid down to make the right amount- I did some stuffed baked potatoes also but they will appear in their own stand alone mini episode.

So give this big cut of veal a chance as it comes out really good.

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So these string beans were made during episode 44 however the rib steak episode would have been a little long so I gave these beans their own mini video fame. For such a simple sauce they came out really good and spicy and with no clean up-what could be better. The wife wanted them spicy so I added some hot red pepper flakes on top of the chili sauce but if you want them a little milder leave the hot red pepper flakes off.

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A great pasta to make with some of that left zucchini that keeps showing up- this one adds in some fennel. I am sure many people see this in there stores and really do not know what the heck to do with it- A classic way is to just section and serve it raw. I happen to enjoy it much more cooked and grilled. When cooking it I would suggest tasting it along the way so that you can pull it off the heat when it has the flavor you want. The more you cook it the less anise flavor it will yield. The type you see in the stores is the Florence Finocchio a cultivated version for the bulb while the other type which is often seen growing wild is prized for its seeds. Do not plant the wild variety as it will attempt to take over your garden sprouting shoots everywhere! I know- I did expecting to get a beautiful bulb- I got a beautiful smelling garden and a sore back from pulling it out! However for ground cover it will work great.

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So here is another play on the great Farro grain. This one involves grilling some vegetables up and tossing them with the Farro creating one of the healthiest salads to eat. This salad is perfect as you can get your Farro ready the day before a BBQ then grill the veggies in front of your guests and toss the whole thing right there and serve. In this one I use grilled peppers, onions, scallions, fresh herbs, roasted garlic, fava beans, balsamic, olive and grape-seed oil. Please try some Farro as I know you will like it. You can order Farro from  I order the 5.5lb size for cost savings. If you do not have a local market that carries farro- give them a try and they have the semi-pearled which is what I prefer.

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