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This is a super easy recipe that laughs at typical Pasta Primavera because it does not sit in a liquid mushy mess of a sauce. Most times Primavera comes out swimming in a sauce/broth and the vegetables taste like a steamed mess. This way we add some complexity by roasting in the oven though this was originally intended to be done on the grill. The seasoning actually cooks into the veggies allowing flavor in every bite. The roasting concentrates the flavors of the vegetables while leaving them with enough bite to truly enjoy. With farmer markets having less bounty and gardens throwing out their final goods this is a great recipe to make when you only have 1 of this or 2 of that.

You can use any vegetable with this dish not just the ones I did. Below are some pictures of fennel as you might see it in the store.

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Avacado Dressing – Episode 180

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Here is a quick and easy dressing that is great on salads but also can be used to top grilled meats and fish. You can replace the olive oil with sour cream or mayonaise or a combo of both if you like- This was the topping used on our salad, stuffed pepper and rice in Episode 179

Sorry this was shot with the camera handheld so it may be a little choppy- also these stuffed peppers baked for about 30 minutes. The pork used was left over from a pork loin which I slow roasted- the pork was rubbed with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cyan pepper, brown sugar, salt, pepper and coriander. It was then placed in the oven with some apple juice in the bottom of the pan and slow roasted at 225 for about 6 hours.

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This was made the same time the Spiedini in Episode 168 - also we get a glimpse at Little Kahuna 2 in this episode. Again this was filmed on super hot day so it is a little laid back. If you want to skip ahead to see Little Kahuna 2 just go to minute 3.44 to catch a glimpse.

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Potatoes Provence – Episode 165

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Ok so I left a little piece out of this video – the potatoes used were just small yellow potatoes that I peeled down into an egg shape- I always have stayed away from doing any cooking that required things cut exactly the same size for presentation however with these potatoes I now understand why the French technique would be to peel them into similar sizes and that is cooking time- Yes I know that is the reason for cutting things in similar size but this is the first time I really came across a situation were a 10% difference in size made a fairly large difference it doneness(is that a word?). I like them crunchy so I got the bigger ones and the wife liked them a little softer so it worked out well.

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Happy Thanksgiving all! Hope everyone is enjoying a great day of eating, drinking and napping. Well if you need a last minute dish to bring and don’t have quite enough regular or sweet potatoes to feed a crowd-combine them and eat away! One dish is sweet and the other not. Heck if you are like me and go somewhere for Thanksgiving and then recook the whole meal at home on Saturday for left overs you can make this also.

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Ok, so I should have topped it with bacon and then it would have been the greatest. Anyway PLEASE make this and you will be the hit of your holiday parties- in fact it will become your signature dish- so much so that you will not have to worry EVER about what you will be bringing to a party. Sorry I did not get to show the dish out of the oven or served but believe me it was great- In fact overheard at the party it was served was SS Chris saying “Dude try the potatoes they are friggin awesome” to which the reply by Metsfan was ” I don’t like onions.” SS Chris, who is decidedly unpleasant said “Try them anyway.”

So did Metsfan try them- I dont know but I know the tray was just about empty at the end of the night. Oh and cook bacon then halfway through the baking process crumple it on top-

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Here is another grilled eggplant recipe for  a lighter quicker version of eggplant parm. This recipe uses Chavrie goat cheese to top our eggplant and again all done on the grill.  grilled onions are just one of the tastiest things going and we some on this bad boy also. Enjoy