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Everyone loves a good pasta fagiole and most people like a bad one. Well this is a pretty darn good one and it is simple and easy to make-There are more versions of this classic dish than you can shake a stick at, while I do not really get that whole stick shaking thing I do get pasta fagioli. Just to add to the confusion I threw in some celery and carrot something I do not normally add not is usually found but what the heck the wife is eating for two so she needs the extra veggies.

Many recipes call for tomato or tomato paste and some have no tomato all together-Some call for using rosemary- something I do not use as I feel it overpowers the dish. In reality if you have pasta and beans and a way to marry them well you have a version of pasta fagioli.

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Sorry this is another hand held camera episode.

This is another meal created from the roasted chicken we had made. Once I get them all together I will put them in one category just so you can see many different meals made from one roasted chicken. Anyway enjoy this Tortellini soup and again sorry about the hand held camera as I know it is tougher to watch. Enjoy!

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Having a whole bird be it a chicken, duck or turkey will give you a great treat..a carcass. This provides the base ingredient to make a great soup so do not let it go to waste! It is as simple as throwing it in a pot of water and simmering for a few hours- OK a few more steps involved but those are the basics.

Want to hear a room full of people gasp at the same time then take that carcass to the garbage in front of my family and get ready to hear the wrath.

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