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Mussels and Clams over Farro grain-What is Farro grain? It is considered the oldest grain in the world and it has it roots in the Mediterranean-Italy in particular- The Farro grain is considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet-so what am I doing eating it? Well it tastes good so the fact it is healthy is just a by product. In this episode we do some tiny mussels and some little neck clams.

In some later episodes I will be making some salads and other seafood dishes with the Farro- Enjoy!

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Crab is the King in my book and I would choose King Crab and Dungeness Crab over Lobster 99% of the time. Dungeness Crab is my favorite and I fell in love with it on a few trips to Seattle. I order my King Crab from a company in Alaska called Great Alaska Seafood  get on their email list as they will do specials on broken legs which you get at a huge discount. They  also sell some of the best Salmon I have come across and the Halibut Cheeks rock also. So what does this have to do with this episode- Absolutely nothing.

This episode uses lump crab meat from a can – it is a cleaned and pasteurized and you keep it in the fridge- Try a few brands to seewhich one suits your tastes and then alsways keep on hand for crab salad, crab caked, crab ravioli, crab with pasta and crab cocktail.

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Needed to come up with a quick dinner as I was running late so I spotted these great Stone Crab Claws or Rock Crab Claws- Just saw them and said give me a few pounds- So basically this is a great olive oil-butter based sauce for the pasta- In the video I do not show cooking the crab claws but all I did was throw them in the pasta water after the pasta came out- Sorry this is all shot hand held so it looks like I am cooking on the Titanic- you know after the incident.

The wine I opened was a great surprise- 2007 Hess Monterey Chardonnay. What a great wine and for $9 only- I am not a huge Chard fan but this knocked my socks off as such an easy drinking white wine that was not only good chilled but also good as it came to room temp. A great call by Gary Vaynerchuk on this one- normally I do not enjoy his white wine selections as he usually favors some complex or odd flavors but this one nailed it.

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