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Here is a quick meal to do with some fresh clams and scallops- this dish comes together in only a few minutes and is perfect in the summer.

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So Little Kahuna and I went shopping and he saw these cool little silver fish and thought they would be fun to play with. He was a little sad that the heads had fallen off on the way home but that did not stop him from helping me flour and fry them. This is a quick pasta dish and the Sardines go very well with the Puttanesca sauce.

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So I do not often follow recipes very well but for this dish I figured it would be wise to try to stick as close as possible. This comes from the cookbook Gastronomy of Italy by Anna Del Conte, an encyclopædic work covering the topic from the Roman period to the present for which she was awarded the Duchessa Maria Luigia di Parma prize.

 Alright so right off the bat the recipe called for Tuna steaks but I had Swai( type of catfish from Southeast Asia which tastes nothing like catfish) and the first ingredient on the recipe is prunes. Fine I went for figs- so – I know- you call this following a recipe- Well the rest is the same! Ok I added a little hot red pepper flake- Well I add that to everything you know- so that doesn’t count really- but the rest is the same I swear!

Here is a link to a great article about Anna Del Conte by Nigella Lawson

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Had a few busy weeks and one more ahead and then this little blog should be back to its regular schedule.- I think!

Well the bottom line is I do not like Anchovies and yet I LOVE Anchovies – they are a mystery product that show up like little rubber-bands on pizzas and taste like 2 day old bait and then when left out of a Caesar salad you are left with a dressing that isn’t all that good. So what is it about the little tin and jar packed things- well what I am learning is quality makes a big difference in these little suckers. Especially for someone like me who does not have a love for them in their raw out of the tin form- I mean some people just pop the tin and start eating them- NOT me.

When in Italy I had a stunning pasta dish of Anchovy oil and walnuts over pasta – it was amazing and honestly an odd order for me but being on the Amalfi Coast will do that to you. So while I have used Anchovy paste(a chef & cooks secret friend!) for years and years and would never dream of making a Caesar salad with out the little buggers and use them in my homemade Tuscan Sausage- I finally realized these could be something to use often-

So to the quality issue- well most supermarket anchovies are from Morocco and nothing is wrong with that but they tend to have a more pungent taste- this time I sprung for the good ones as our local Fairway had some beautiful anchovy from Sicily- The price- well these little dudes are not cheap- a jar can be from $15 to $25 but OH what a difference- these I could eat on bruschetta and be very happy- So here is a pasta dish that is one of my Fathers favorites Olive Oil, garlic and Anchovy. Also for a pound I would suggest using 1 1/2 cans in the olive oil to make the sauce.

So give this dish a try whether you like anchovy or not – I think you will be surprised as to how good it is- Also if you love anchovy when serving chop up some of the filets and sprinkle it on each plate.

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Clams and Mussels over Spaghettoni is a wonderful quick meal you can make anytime. What is nice about this recipe is that it uses fresh tomatoes from the garden and fresh herbs also- Stuff that is growing plenty right now. When cooking with clams and mussels in sauces scrub the shells quickly to remove any surface dirt. Also a little tip, when plating the dish after removing the clams and mussels and putting them over the pasta if more sauce is needed ladle the sauce in. Do not tip the pot and pour the sauce as any sand will have settled to the bottom and there is no need to disturb it.

I usually get 2 batches out of one sauce- take the left over sauce and freeze it- then the next time you get clams, mussels, shrimp, lobster etc go ahead and heat the sauce up and add your shellfish- That makes for even a quicker second meal.

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Another great deal on a Prime piece of meat from our friends at Fairway this is a 1.75 pound rib steak. So I was on Twitter talking about steaks and got a message from @justinlevy about a coffee rub so I love different things and checked it out. Justin has a great site called and the recipe is from his friend @thisisjustine who is Justin Rasmussen at Ok just to add another name they have a client which on Twitter is @newhallcoffee. So check these guys out they do some great things oh and I am @kahuna75 on Twitter for the record. Here is the link for the rub recipe

So in this episode I do the steak and some great long island scallops and some spicy stringbeans which will be in a seperate episode as time on this video would have gotten way to long- Also the wines I had will now be reviewed in a seperate episode and there is a new tab up top caled wine reviews.

Phew- all that typing made me hungry!

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Ok so VIDEO quality sinks to an all time low but the food was damn good! Smoked salmon with my brown sugar rub- Wild salmon has a beautiful flavor and is actually good for you- weird. I use my Bradley Smoker to get the job done on the smoke in this episode. It is a short video but delivers good flavor- Dont have a smoker? no biggy a ton of inexpensive options are available- 1 is not using a smoker but just your oven- another is cedar planks or inexpensive smoke boxes to go in your grill.

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Shell Steak is not a cut I normally choose but when our local Fairway put the “PRIME” on sale well it was a no brainer and off I went to the market for the steak and steak only. Right. They had a huge assortment of bean sprouts, beans, peas, fruits, olive oils, and of course cheese that found their way into my cart. Oh well. I was also at Wine Library and the had picked up some smoked salt on a suggestion  by a friend and was excited to use it on the steak. In the video I mention about keeping the steak on indirect heat for 15 minutes-in reality it was barely 10 minutes- every grill will be different and if you are not confident in the “poke” method for doneness(is that a word?) get yourself an instant read thermometer-Just like adding salt(you can always add more) better to go rarer and have to go back to the grill then to far done-no fix for that.

I grilled some shrimp and the steak and had it with the left over Farro salad which was great. It was a real pleasure to enjoy a nice “Prime” cut for a change so much so that my “Filet Mignon” only wife suggested I head back to get more “and ONLY the steak”, Yeah Right! Steve the Cheese dude at Fairway get ready cause the big Kahuna is heading your way!

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