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Everyone loves a good pasta fagiole and most people like a bad one. Well this is a pretty darn good one and it is simple and easy to make-There are more versions of this classic dish than you can shake a stick at, while I do not really get that whole stick shaking thing I do get pasta fagioli. Just to add to the confusion I threw in some celery and carrot something I do not normally add not is usually found but what the heck the wife is eating for two so she needs the extra veggies.

Many recipes call for tomato or tomato paste and some have no tomato all together-Some call for using rosemary- something I do not use as I feel it overpowers the dish. In reality if you have pasta and beans and a way to marry them well you have a version of pasta fagioli.

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So this is basically the final video of the Lasagna – though there are a few small videos that will go up after this- This video takes us through assembly of the grand ole dame. Sadly no video of her coming out of the oven but I was able to get some video of one last sad little piece. Enjoy!

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Here is the second part of the sauce for the lasagna – remember there is a tab up top that will feature all the episodes relating to this series. The first part of the sauce is Episode 139

Also I mention in this video  Chef Keith Snow and below is a picture of his Lacanche Range stove I referenced and click this link read his post on it  – Please check out his website also.

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This will be a 4 or 5 part episode series with it’s very own tab on top shortly. In this episode I make the meatballs which I have done before but this time I make a little denser meatball as it will be getting cooked really 3 times. Little Kahuna is very helpful this time around and appears to have found his calling which may lead me to get a charcuterie box in the house.

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Sorry this is another hand held camera episode.

This is another meal created from the roasted chicken we had made. Once I get them all together I will put them in one category just so you can see many different meals made from one roasted chicken. Anyway enjoy this Tortellini soup and again sorry about the hand held camera as I know it is tougher to watch. Enjoy!

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Nothing sinks me faster than going to a party or event and seeing that neon orange pink tray of penne in vodka sauce- Ugh I almost gagged just saying it- Yes I HATE Vodka sauce or do I? What I hate is that cream laden, flour thickened, fake parmigiano infused mess that often gets served at events- Oh and I love when they throw a few peas in for color- YUCK-

A while ago someone made a homemade vodka sauce and it was really good-Nothing like I was expecting. Interesting, so now I have to say I like vodka sauce? I really still can not say it but in fact I do, when someone takes the time to create a yummy well thought out version of it-So here is my take on vodka and stuffed shells-Enjoy

Also you may see the Vodka Sauce appear as a seperate episode and the stuffed shells seperate as well-

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Alfredo sauce brings to mind a thick creamy Parm. infused cheese sauce and while it is true that is damn good and one of my favorites it is not really the authentic version. See Alfredo had a wife who was pregnant and lost her appetite so Alfredo had to come up with something that would make his wife want to eat. Room tempeture butter and Parm. cheese combined with some fresh homemade pasta did the trick and the dish made its way on to his restaurant list.

There are many theories as to how and when milk or cream began to be added to the dish but none certain- However in Alfredos original restaurant in Rome it is not added. Another thing of note is that the butter from Italy or France is very different than ours so understand that you are not going to get a “Butter” tasting sauce as you would expect using USA butter.

Well Alfredo was right as Mrs. Kahuna stuffed her belly full of this and it was her idea to add the green stuff and Prisciutto in.


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This is a really quick and easy pasta dish that goes towards the rustic side- I picked up some great lamb sausage at Fairway and really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it- Well then I figured it out quickly when I saw the figs- Now additions to this recipe could have been to drizzle some balsamic vinegar on it or crumple some Gorgonzola over the top-

Anyway this is very easy to make and really tasty- quality ingredients mean a lot when you are letting the flavors stand on their own.

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