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In this episode I am slow roasting some chicken legs using Cripple Creek BBQ Sauce and Rub. Chef John Lynch creates these great products, bottles and ships them so you know you are getting a quality fresh sauce. The original BBQ sauce used in this episode is Organic and John takes the time to do the little things that matter like chopping fresh garlic by hand and not using it out of a jar. Please take a moment to visit John’s website and order some of his great products- I ordered the gift pack which came with 2 BBQ sauces, basting brush and the all purpose Rub and for $20 this is a steal plus I you can pick out what 2 sauces you want. Next time you are in your supermarket and getting ready to pick up a BBQ sauced just take a look at the ingredients and put it back down- because once you see the purity of the ingredients in John’s sauces you get an idea about what a big difference there is.

I make my own BBQ sauce often but more times than not I am looking for a BBQ sauce last minute for a late planned meal and right now Cripple Creek BBQ sauce will be my go to brand. I will be trying all the varieties John makes over the coming months and if I do not care for one, do not worry I will let you know. One thing for sure, if it is not to my liking it will just be a matter of personal taste and not the craftmanship behind it.

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Little Kahuna 2 – Baby Luca Arrives!

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Luca checking in t 7lbs 11 oz and 20.5 inches long

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One of the truly legendary dishes in Italy and it contains an ingredient that can be hard to find guanciale, which is the dried pig jowell. YUMMY right! Well luckily if you are in the the North East and can get to a Fairway market then you can grab this speciality. Yes you could sub in pancetta but it is different enough to make a difference. So no adding onions to this sauce and if you have to go ahead and add a little garlic- I did.

Created in the town of Amatrice this dish originally was just guanciale and pecorino cheese- Hell that sounds just fine to me but after the tomato was brought back to Italy it got introduced to many dishes and well history of food is written new. So one thing is a must PECORINO!!!! Ok lets get eating – Oh and another little note- before Rome claimed the dish as its own the people of Amatrice actually proffered spaghetti.

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Well we finally broke Mom out for a special holiday recipe and this one is the Easter Bread. We get a little history on Easter bread and I do mean a little along with some great tips for making this great fast breaking treat. Although I recently learned that fasting is not all that hard anymore, it seems according to certain experts that not eating between meals is fasting. Huh I have been fasting most of my life and didn’t even know it.

So lets get on with the program- oh and sorry we do not get to see Mom actually forming the dough into the shapes as she chooses the oddest times to do these things. Personally I think it was on purpose so I could not see any secret ingredients being put in.

So Little Kahuna and I went shopping and he saw these cool little silver fish and thought they would be fun to play with. He was a little sad that the heads had fallen off on the way home but that did not stop him from helping me flour and fry them. This is a quick pasta dish and the Sardines go very well with the Puttanesca sauce.

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So I do not often follow recipes very well but for this dish I figured it would be wise to try to stick as close as possible. This comes from the cookbook Gastronomy of Italy by Anna Del Conte, an encyclopædic work covering the topic from the Roman period to the present for which she was awarded the Duchessa Maria Luigia di Parma prize.

 Alright so right off the bat the recipe called for Tuna steaks but I had Swai( type of catfish from Southeast Asia which tastes nothing like catfish) and the first ingredient on the recipe is prunes. Fine I went for figs- so – I know- you call this following a recipe- Well the rest is the same! Ok I added a little hot red pepper flake- Well I add that to everything you know- so that doesn’t count really- but the rest is the same I swear!

Here is a link to a great article about Anna Del Conte by Nigella Lawson

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Everyone loves a good pasta fagiole and most people like a bad one. Well this is a pretty darn good one and it is simple and easy to make-There are more versions of this classic dish than you can shake a stick at, while I do not really get that whole stick shaking thing I do get pasta fagioli. Just to add to the confusion I threw in some celery and carrot something I do not normally add not is usually found but what the heck the wife is eating for two so she needs the extra veggies.

Many recipes call for tomato or tomato paste and some have no tomato all together-Some call for using rosemary- something I do not use as I feel it overpowers the dish. In reality if you have pasta and beans and a way to marry them well you have a version of pasta fagioli.

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Generally I do most of my pizzas on the grill but it was super cold and windy so I decided to park that pie in the oven. This was a quick pie made with some stuff we had in the fridge which came out very good. The Mortadella takes on a great flavor upon cooking so even if you do not like it normally I think you will enjoy it this way.

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