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Casa Marin Winery

Casa Marin Winery, Chile 
Chilean winery, Casa Marin, Pumping Out Quality and Variety
When offered the chance to review some wines from Chile, I was pretty excited. Over the years, wines from Chile have always appealed to me, thanks to their easy drinking nature and affordability. Five years ago or so, I started exploring some of the more serious producers that Chile had to offer and generally stocked my cellar with the likes of Vina Almaviva, Don Melchor, Montes offerings, along with Alpha M & Purple Angel, and Casa Lapostolle Clos Apalta. Big, red wines – single varietal or blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and the famous Carmenere.
When the generous shipment arrived Click Here to Read More
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Here is a quick meal to do with some fresh clams and scallops- this dish comes together in only a few minutes and is perfect in the summer.

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Montepulciano: The City, The Grape… and Home to the Volturi.

Posted: July 2nd, 2010

I have spent a lot of time staying away from the Chianti-drunk of my youth, discovering new regions, grapes, sparklers, fortified wines, & the values that Italy has to offer. Eventually, the ole Chianti got shuffled to the side like those neon tight spandex bikers shorts worn in the 80’s. Okay, by worn I mean I wore them: wow, I just feel like I finished a 12 step program.

“Hi, I am Pat and I wore biker shorts in the 80’s – but I did not wear Z Cavaricci’s!” READ THE REST
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This was made the same time the Spiedini in Episode 168 - also we get a glimpse at Little Kahuna 2 in this episode. Again this was filmed on super hot day so it is a little laid back. If you want to skip ahead to see Little Kahuna 2 just go to minute 3.44 to catch a glimpse.

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Here is an article I wrote for about a recent visit to Mario & Lidia’s upscale new age Italian eatery Del Posto.

Del Posto: Mario Batali & Lidia Bastianich Pair New-Age Italian Cuisine with Classic Wines in NYC

Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich are 2 heavyweights of Italian cuisine in New York City, both known throughout the U.S. for their Food Network and PBS cooking shows. When these 2 decided to get together, opening a multi-million dollar restaurant to garnish Michelin stars and award worthy wine lists, needless to say there was a huge anticipation. I consider Mario’s “Babbo” and Lidia’s “Felidia” to be a few of my favorite places so when they decided to open Del Posto a few years back, I could not wait to go. For various reasons, including the mixed press from critics, it has taken me awhile to get there. Yup, I was getting my crocs and shorts out and going Mario style! Okay, I dressed like a “big boy”, but I did bring my big Mario stomach with me… damn thing seems to follow me everywhere! READ MORE

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This was one pain in the butt video to edit together – Anyway despite braving 900 degree heat my team managed to get this video done. I hope you enjoy it! Also the eggplant dish featured in this video will be posted as a separate episode.

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Potatoes Provence – Episode 165

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Ok so I left a little piece out of this video – the potatoes used were just small yellow potatoes that I peeled down into an egg shape- I always have stayed away from doing any cooking that required things cut exactly the same size for presentation however with these potatoes I now understand why the French technique would be to peel them into similar sizes and that is cooking time- Yes I know that is the reason for cutting things in similar size but this is the first time I really came across a situation were a 10% difference in size made a fairly large difference it doneness(is that a word?). I like them crunchy so I got the bigger ones and the wife liked them a little softer so it worked out well.

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Having bought a pork trunk which I took a bunch off sliced thin for pounded cutlets, then removed a few large pieces to add in to the veal Osso Bucco what was left was a nice piece of meat- So rather than just butterfly, stuff and slow roast I figured lets rub it down with our rub and let it marinate overnight. Once that was down then it would be going on to the grill and for some reason that escapes me now I thought I would be able to actually “pull” this piece of meat with only 6 hours of roast time.

So why is this so odd? Well generally I smoke pork butts for over 12 hours to pull them- so what had me thinking I could pull this solid block of white meat? I still do not know really but what came out was a great thin sliced pork sandwich with a some of Cripple Creek’s great BBQ sauce on it. Since this was not a traditional pulled pork  we figured instead of the coleslaw topping we would go with a cucumber sour cream salad on top. It came out great!

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