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So we took a break there for almost 2 weeks but at least I came back with something good, Ossobuco. This is a fairly easy dish to make it just takes some well thought out time prep and you are good to go. Yes taking a nap on the couch may cause you to miss your start time for this dish but alas remember once you get this dish going you can nap for 3 hours while it does its thing.

One minor detail left out was the butcher twine, it seems I was out of it….or a certain someone used it to tie webs on his 300 Spiderman action figures. Regardless generally you want to tie your meat with twine to keep it to the bone- more for presentation of the final dish than anything else.

The gremolata is a key here with this dish- so key I have never made it with the dozens and dozens of previous Ossobuco made in the past- What a jackass I have been- it truly wakes the dish up- I plan on making it for all my braised dishes going forward.

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Sorry this was shot with the camera handheld so it may be a little choppy- also these stuffed peppers baked for about 30 minutes. The pork used was left over from a pork loin which I slow roasted- the pork was rubbed with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cyan pepper, brown sugar, salt, pepper and coriander. It was then placed in the oven with some apple juice in the bottom of the pan and slow roasted at 225 for about 6 hours.

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This was one pain in the butt video to edit together – Anyway despite braving 900 degree heat my team managed to get this video done. I hope you enjoy it! Also the eggplant dish featured in this video will be posted as a separate episode.

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Having bought a pork trunk which I took a bunch off sliced thin for pounded cutlets, then removed a few large pieces to add in to the veal Osso Bucco what was left was a nice piece of meat- So rather than just butterfly, stuff and slow roast I figured lets rub it down with our rub and let it marinate overnight. Once that was down then it would be going on to the grill and for some reason that escapes me now I thought I would be able to actually “pull” this piece of meat with only 6 hours of roast time.

So why is this so odd? Well generally I smoke pork butts for over 12 hours to pull them- so what had me thinking I could pull this solid block of white meat? I still do not know really but what came out was a great thin sliced pork sandwich with a some of Cripple Creek’s great BBQ sauce on it. Since this was not a traditional pulled pork  we figured instead of the coleslaw topping we would go with a cucumber sour cream salad on top. It came out great!

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In this episode I am slow roasting some chicken legs using Cripple Creek BBQ Sauce and Rub. Chef John Lynch creates these great products, bottles and ships them so you know you are getting a quality fresh sauce. The original BBQ sauce used in this episode is Organic and John takes the time to do the little things that matter like chopping fresh garlic by hand and not using it out of a jar. Please take a moment to visit John’s website and order some of his great products- I ordered the gift pack which came with 2 BBQ sauces, basting brush and the all purpose Rub and for $20 this is a steal plus I you can pick out what 2 sauces you want. Next time you are in your supermarket and getting ready to pick up a BBQ sauced just take a look at the ingredients and put it back down- because once you see the purity of the ingredients in John’s sauces you get an idea about what a big difference there is.

I make my own BBQ sauce often but more times than not I am looking for a BBQ sauce last minute for a late planned meal and right now Cripple Creek BBQ sauce will be my go to brand. I will be trying all the varieties John makes over the coming months and if I do not care for one, do not worry I will let you know. One thing for sure, if it is not to my liking it will just be a matter of personal taste and not the craftmanship behind it.

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This will be a 4 or 5 part episode series with it’s very own tab on top shortly. In this episode I make the meatballs which I have done before but this time I make a little denser meatball as it will be getting cooked really 3 times. Little Kahuna is very helpful this time around and appears to have found his calling which may lead me to get a charcuterie box in the house.

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Everyone has those pieces of mystery meat stuck in their freezer and most people have left over wine from a few nights ago still standing on the counter- so go ahead marry the two and make a beautiful meal. One major modification for this recipe is that I do not make a loose version which needs to be strained to make the final sauce. I do it all in one pot and when it comes out of the oven it is ready to roll! This is Julia Child’s famous recipe with just a tweak or two. Noted in the video and noted here is the fact that I add whole peppercorns but if you do not like peppercorns getting caught in your teeth or the spicy crunchy burst just use cracked black pepper. In fact I would suggest the cracked black pepper- If straining you can use the whole berry.

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This episode was filmed way back in April I guess so it is a little dated with my comments but anyway the idea remains the same. Easy to make dough for pie crusts and this comes from some one who never measures anything. Knowing how important it is to measure when doing anything in the baking world I give it a try. Sad try it is but I tried, even using measuring spoons seemed to give me a tough time.

Anyway this is the dough that was used in Epsiode 124 the Turkey Pot Pie, yes that is the episode where my 2.5 yr old shoves me away.

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