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A long lost grilled pizza video – ok not that long lost just from July. This is a quick and easy sausage ragu topping for the pizza and really comes together nicely. Here is the link for the pizza dough recipe – Click Here

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Generally I do most of my pizzas on the grill but it was super cold and windy so I decided to park that pie in the oven. This was a quick pie made with some stuff we had in the fridge which came out very good. The Mortadella takes on a great flavor upon cooking so even if you do not like it normally I think you will enjoy it this way.

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I had this pizza in Rome but have no idea if this is any sort of traditional pizza or just something they throw at a fat American when he sits down and starts grabbing food from others tables. Well whatever it is for sure it is good- Now I will not lie marinated artichoke hearts are something I have great disdain for most of the time- They generally suck plain and simple- but those few times when you can get them and they have been treated with care, bathed in rich olive oil- well you really have something special.

There are ingredients I just do not like with certain things- Olives on pizza and marinated artichoke hearts on pizza – So why do I put them on this pie? I don’t know why and that is the best part- it just works.

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Playing around with video so let me know if you think this video hosted on YouTube is any better than the Viddler I had been using. So this grilled pizza started off with many objections on my part which you will see. Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Tomato and Prosciutto so whats the problem you say- How about a soupy mess on some soggy dough I say! Well being the Kahuna of Grilled Pizza my inner zen said “I want you to use all your powers and all your skills. I don’t want his mother to see him this way.”

Tune in too see how it turned out and leave a comment if you know what movie the quote is from

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GRILLED PIZZA!!! My Favorite and it is no secret and this episode I pay tribute to the classic pizza of Napoli and tribute to…me, a pizza with bacon. So the classic pizza Margherita with the authentic San Marzano Tomato and another with Gorgonzola and bacon- How can you go wrong! If you want to see how to make pizza dough go to Episode 1 .

A true classic classified Neopolitan pizza would be a certain diameter across and the crust would be more chewey than crisp- the topping would be either just be the sauce Marinara(San Marzano Tomatoes with some oregeno, basil, garlic, salt and pepper) or the Margherita topped with some fresh Mozzarella- Again the key is the tomato.

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Here is a quick video of a grilled pizza that I made pretty quick had some left over mozzarella in the fresh both fresh and block variety and added some romano and grana to it- The quick sauce is olive oil, garlic, 1 can of tomato paste with roasted garlic, fill small paste can with water dump in and add some dried herbs- let simmer for a few minutes- A quick easy sauce that is great for pizza(you can add a second can of water if you need more sauce). The paste is so dense it can easily handle the water-

Total cook time was about 12 minutes and that was with some distractions- As usual it was raining in North Jersey during this.

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Grilled Veggie Pizza

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Making grilled pizza is very easy and makes a great addition to summer BBQ standards. Most people assume the dough will fall through the grates and make a mess. In this video you will see that is not the case and just how easy it is to make.  Here is the link for the video to make your own pizza dough. Why grill a pizza at all? Well the best reason is simply the taste, the grill adds an extra layer of flavor to the pizza. While most people bake their pizza in the home oven around 375 the grill can get hotter than 500 degrees which helps create that great crispy crust. Another layer of flavor comes from grilling both sides of the pizza dough before toppings are applied. So enjoy the video the sound quality is not great as we had a very windy day when I filmed it and as usual tha airplanes were flying overhead. Any questions or comments please use the “comments” feature and I will answer them

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Let’s make some pizza dough!

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One of my favorite things to eat and make is grilled pizza and it seems most people who want to make their own really find making the dough to be the part that holds them back. Making pizza dough is easy, however making good pizza dough requires a little more work. They key to a good dough is in the kneading of it so do not skimp on that step.

Have fun watching me stammer around trying to use the Kitchen Aid from reverse a first for me. Also if you do not have a Kitchen Aid mixer a food processor will work or you can just throw everything in a bowl and do it by hand.

This is a one shot video so I prepare everything real time(including a riveting minute or so where I leave the camera all together) and stop for a wine break and still it all wraps up in less than 15 minutes.

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