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Avacado Dressing – Episode 180

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Here is a quick and easy dressing that is great on salads but also can be used to top grilled meats and fish. You can replace the olive oil with sour cream or mayonaise or a combo of both if you like- This was the topping used on our salad, stuffed pepper and rice in Episode 179


Potato Salad With Hummus – Episode 79

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This is a little bit of a non traditional potato salad recipe but it reacarotlly comes out good. The main difference in this recipe is that it is made with 1/2 mayo and half hummus- the hummus I used was from Sabra which makes a really great creamy style. I also add some relish to the potato salad and hard boiled eggs. I mention a food blog in this episode and here is the link check it some great food writing over there.

Also in this episode I think I mention 3 pounds of potatoes but it was really more like 5 pounds which I figured out when I went to grab a few spuds and realized I had none left- So knowing I had bought 5 lbs and now had none left it must be that I used 5lbs- Sometimes my brilliance even amazes me.

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So here is another play on the great Farro grain. This one involves grilling some vegetables up and tossing them with the Farro creating one of the healthiest salads to eat. This salad is perfect as you can get your Farro ready the day before a BBQ then grill the veggies in front of your guests and toss the whole thing right there and serve. In this one I use grilled peppers, onions, scallions, fresh herbs, roasted garlic, fava beans, balsamic, olive and grape-seed oil. Please try some Farro as I know you will like it. You can order Farro from  I order the 5.5lb size for cost savings. If you do not have a local market that carries farro- give them a try and they have the semi-pearled which is what I prefer.

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Mussels and Clams over Farro grain-What is Farro grain? It is considered the oldest grain in the world and it has it roots in the Mediterranean-Italy in particular- The Farro grain is considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet-so what am I doing eating it? Well it tastes good so the fact it is healthy is just a by product. In this episode we do some tiny mussels and some little neck clams.

In some later episodes I will be making some salads and other seafood dishes with the Farro- Enjoy!

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