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Waffles are amazing, especially good waffles-Ok a waffle is just another thing to put butter on and that is good enough for me. Anyway crisp hot waffles with butter and syrup(real syrup) is just one of the really great things to enjoy, any time of day. I long have had my eye on the Kitchen Aid Waffle maker and being that it had some of the greatest user reviews ever, only made me want it more. It used to be around $300+ buckaroos or so then 2 or 3 years ago there was a price drop and one landed in my lap thanks to some good Christmas & Birthday gift negotiations and for a few years now we have been in waffle bliss.

Here is a quick simple recipe for making homemade waffles with stuff you have in the house already- the sour cream in this episode is completely optional-I like it so I add it- You can also skip the dark brown sugar and add a few tablespoons of regular sugar. Also this waffle maker makes the perfect waffle for ice cream topping- adding fruit-everything. Also you can make corn bread in a waffle maker as well as some cake mixes- Enjoy

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