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This is simply the best French Toast you will have so go out and get some Panettone and try this. This dish was inspired by Giada De Laurentiis and I have modified it with a few additions. Please go get some Panettone’s today as they are sure to be on clearance right now and buy more than one as I promise you will be making this often!

If you want to learn a little about Panettone watch

“Panettone – Better Than Aunt Millie’s Fruit Cake – Episode 128″

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The Jersey breakfast is Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese on a roll- though lately the everything bagel has started to win out it seems- I make the classic version in this video. Is it an Aphrodisiac? Well I say yes, lets face it if your woman has not tried to bribe you with a “quickie” to get you to make a breakfast run for a Taylor Ham, egg & cheese then you got the wrong woman! The “snackers” know what I am talking about for sure!

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If your from mid to North Jersey you know what Taylor Ham is and if your not well here is your introduction to it- Now don’t dismay the rest of you have Pork Roll which in theory is a similar product but it is not the same- Taylor Ham is what unites us from Jersey against the rest of the country- It is the twinkle in our eye when we order a Taylor Ham, egg & cheese on a roll in a diner in North Carolina, Florida or New York and someone gets up and yells “where in Jersey you from?”

Little Kahuna makes his cameraman debut!

So this video is a little rant on what I consider one of the single most offensive foods ever to hit our store shelves- it is so vile and so what is wrong with our food culture today and that is SYRUP-that’s right that crap that says Eggo, Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima- PLEASE IF YOU OWN THESE THROW THEM OUT!! Look these can not even be called Maple Syrup by law they contain nothing that is good- nothing you should be eating- and the taste-that is the worst part cause they taste Friggin good- like a buttery liquid gold flow of silky smoothness- I get it – they turn lousy pancakes into a sweet treat and a bout of ADD.

Can you believe Aunt Jemima has the nerve to actually list on their web site this phrase “Aunt Jemimasite provides product information, healthy eating tips….” are you kidding me. Ok so the “Real Stuff” costs more, understood, but it is worth really is. How addicting is the sweet high fructose corn syrup-so addicting that I can not even keep it out of my own house- yup I am betrayed by my own family. However I will not use it- will not bow to it even if “she” does.

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So in Episode 72 I talk some about Harry’s Corner and here is the video paying tribute to the classic double egg, chili and cheese on a roll. If this is not the perfect way to start a day or end a night or head resting against the toilet bowl then I dont know what is. Who needs Wheaties when you can have this.

So I figured it was time to start eating better so I make this healthy breakfast with a whole wheat bagel and parsley! I can feel the fat melting off me or am I sweating? Regardless when the word fitness and healthy cooking are mention this is the first meal that pops into my mind- So sit back and enjoy and perhaps go pick up some pancetta and make this elegant breakfast this weekend!

Oh and I apoloize for the really poor camera work in this episode- I believe this will win the award for the worst shot episode-it was really spur of the moment and the five seconds it would have taken me to set up the tripod just seemed too long.

Here is a little Wiki for you!

Italian pancetta (Italian pronunciation: [panˈtʃetta]) is a type of dry cured meat. It is pork belly that has been salt cured and spiced (nutmeg, pepper, fennel, dried ground hot peppers and garlic are often featured), and dried for about three months (but usually not smoked). There are many varieties, and in Italy each region produces its own type. In Corsica it is considered a regional flavour.

Pancetta can be rolled (see photograph), or straight (with all the fat on one side). The straight variety is more common in Italy and Spain than elsewhere, especially where home-made pancetta is still produced.

Pizza prepared with sliced rolled pancettaWhen served on its own, the rolled pancetta is presented in very thin slices. More often it is used to flavour other dishes, especially pasta sauces. Recipes such as all’amatriciana often contain pancetta as a substitute for guanciale, which is much more difficult to find outside of Italy.

In Croatia, panceta is cooked with sarma and punjena paprika, a traditional dish. In Spain, medium to long and relatively thick portions are also served as a side dish, usually fried in olive oil or its own fat. Fried eggs with chorizo and pancetta is considered a popular hearty breakfast in some rural parts of the country. In the United Kingdom, Pancetta is more commonly sold as packs of cubed belly (rather than rolled). It has recently gained in popularity in both the UK and US, to the point where it is now frequently available in supermarkets. In French cuisine, pancetta is sometimes used for larding.

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Sometimes your fridge throws you leftovers and extra eggs and then it is time to make a Frittata- While true farm fresh eggs raise this dish to another level of well really goodness? Anyway this is a classic Italian staple that gets made and left out on the counter for all to snack on through out the day. This one has ham, cheese and potatoes cause that’s what I had. Jarlsberg cheese was on sale and of course I bought to much so that goes in- not traditional but pretty tasty- So whip one of these bad boys up and you will not be sorry- We had this for dinner but really it can be eaten for any of the 5 meals through ou the day.

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Zucchini and Eggs – Episode 35

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Zucchini’s  are going to be in full bloom and so will the three hundred gazillion recipes coming out of the woodwork- and then when all the recipes are made there will still be loads and loads of them lying around. So you can grate the zucchinis and freeze them for future recipes and well then there will still be more lying around- So stuff them, shred the, saute them, fry them and anything else you want to do with them-of course as long as it is legal in the state you live in.

So get ready as soon it will be time for eggplant and then……

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