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Having a party is great and leftover food from that party is even better, however sometimes you just want to do something different than just re-eat(doubt that is a word) the same stuff. So here is a quick way to make a new meal from the leftovers. It is quick, easy and tastes really good.

Ok, I know, another huge lapse between episodes but don’t worry we are back on schedule…..oh never mind hopefully there will be another video up soon-at least before August. Little Kahuna 2 is doing great and already is 13 months old and walking all over the place though in this video he is probably only 7 months old. Hopefully he will start sleeping through the night and we can all get a little rest… wouldn’t that be nice.

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So after a 3 month plus break we are back. While some show hosts are retiring and un-retiring in the same day, I just chose to go away for a little while. Anyway the offseason was great, Little Kahuna2 is doing wonderful though his non sleeping habit is quite a drain and really is probably the sole reason for the break in episodes. Well enough of that, it is food time.

The is a Filetto sauce and honestly up until a month ago, I had never heard of it. Of course I have thrown onion in a pan with olive oil, garlic, tomato and some prosciutto before but never really gave thought to it having a real name. I guess what seperates this from an everyday sauce is the amount of onion. Never would I put two huge onions in like this recipe calls for but it works. It works in a great way, the onions just meld into a beautiful sweet backdrop for the tomatoes.

Also this sauce is great because you need to be hands on to cook it- and that is great? Yes, that means you get to stand in the kitchen drinking wine and cutting hunks of cheese and eating Prosciutto while slowly simmering the onions. Yes that is great.

Well hopefully I will be getting up an episode a week and as summer draws near will get back to Taste Test Tuesdays-


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So we took a break there for almost 2 weeks but at least I came back with something good, Ossobuco. This is a fairly easy dish to make it just takes some well thought out time prep and you are good to go. Yes taking a nap on the couch may cause you to miss your start time for this dish but alas remember once you get this dish going you can nap for 3 hours while it does its thing.

One minor detail left out was the butcher twine, it seems I was out of it….or a certain someone used it to tie webs on his 300 Spiderman action figures. Regardless generally you want to tie your meat with twine to keep it to the bone- more for presentation of the final dish than anything else.

The gremolata is a key here with this dish- so key I have never made it with the dozens and dozens of previous Ossobuco made in the past- What a jackass I have been- it truly wakes the dish up- I plan on making it for all my braised dishes going forward.

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This is a super easy recipe that laughs at typical Pasta Primavera because it does not sit in a liquid mushy mess of a sauce. Most times Primavera comes out swimming in a sauce/broth and the vegetables taste like a steamed mess. This way we add some complexity by roasting in the oven though this was originally intended to be done on the grill. The seasoning actually cooks into the veggies allowing flavor in every bite. The roasting concentrates the flavors of the vegetables while leaving them with enough bite to truly enjoy. With farmer markets having less bounty and gardens throwing out their final goods this is a great recipe to make when you only have 1 of this or 2 of that.

You can use any vegetable with this dish not just the ones I did. Below are some pictures of fennel as you might see it in the store.

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This is a very simple pasta dish to make and well worth the little bit of  time it takes to render the pancetta.

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Avacado Dressing – Episode 180

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Here is a quick and easy dressing that is great on salads but also can be used to top grilled meats and fish. You can replace the olive oil with sour cream or mayonaise or a combo of both if you like- This was the topping used on our salad, stuffed pepper and rice in Episode 179

Sorry this was shot with the camera handheld so it may be a little choppy- also these stuffed peppers baked for about 30 minutes. The pork used was left over from a pork loin which I slow roasted- the pork was rubbed with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cyan pepper, brown sugar, salt, pepper and coriander. It was then placed in the oven with some apple juice in the bottom of the pan and slow roasted at 225 for about 6 hours.

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A long lost grilled pizza video – ok not that long lost just from July. This is a quick and easy sausage ragu topping for the pizza and really comes together nicely. Here is the link for the pizza dough recipe – Click Here

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