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Making Pasta With Leftovers From a Party – Episode 186

By Patrick

Having a party is great and leftover food from that party is even better, however sometimes you just want to do something different than just re-eat(doubt that is a word) the same stuff. So here is a quick way to make a new meal from the leftovers. It is quick, easy and tastes really good.

Ok, I know, another huge lapse between episodes but don’t worry we are back on schedule…..oh never mind hopefully there will be another video up soon-at least before August. Little Kahuna 2 is doing great and already is 13 months old and walking all over the place though in this video he is probably only 7 months old. Hopefully he will start sleeping through the night and we can all get a little rest… wouldn’t that be nice.

  • Marypetru36

    Ha!!  I know you stopped at the leftover store on your way home from work!!

  • DaveAll

    awesome to have you back “online”. glad #1 and #2 are growing and well. Nice recipe.

  • Brooklyn Paul

    How about a new episode?  With GV retiring you can now corner the market on annoying NJ guys pimping wine and food on a video blog.

  • glen77

    Hey Pat, I really miss you and your shows!

    I miss you tremendously (Just being a Christian  here). I’d really like you to surface again, but I understand!

    Perhaps soon your life will change and you’ll communicate more again!


  • BuffaloLou

    Looks delicious, Pat!  Nice to see you back.  With Autumn now here, how about some seasonal dishes?

  • Brooklyn Paul


  • NY Pete

    Hey Patrick
    stop being a slacker
    and pop something good

  • Brooklyn Paul

    So great to see a new episode!  Thank Pat

  • Kahunaphile

    I logged on to the site to find a special Super Bowl feast but have been disappointed. As an avid Kahunaphile I need more

  • xingdong