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Filetto di Pomodoro Sauce With Rigatoni – Episode 185

By Patrick

So after a 3 month plus break we are back. While some show hosts are retiring and un-retiring in the same day, I just chose to go away for a little while. Anyway the offseason was great, Little Kahuna2 is doing wonderful though his non sleeping habit is quite a drain and really is probably the sole reason for the break in episodes. Well enough of that, it is food time.

The is a Filetto sauce and honestly up until a month ago, I had never heard of it. Of course I have thrown onion in a pan with olive oil, garlic, tomato and some prosciutto before but never really gave thought to it having a real name. I guess what seperates this from an everyday sauce is the amount of onion. Never would I put two huge onions in like this recipe calls for but it works. It works in a great way, the onions just meld into a beautiful sweet backdrop for the tomatoes.

Also this sauce is great because you need to be hands on to cook it- and that is great? Yes, that means you get to stand in the kitchen drinking wine and cutting hunks of cheese and eating Prosciutto while slowly simmering the onions. Yes that is great.

Well hopefully I will be getting up an episode a week and as summer draws near will get back to Taste Test Tuesdays-


  • Anonymous

    Hi, Pat – Michelle here…glad you’re back, but to hell with this cooking nonsense…I want more episodes of you and the vanyiacs sitting around the table drinking and comparing vino. That was the best content I have seen in a long, long time!

  • Anonymous

    Chaos is back! Nice job.

  • nonna

    Welcome back, boys!! Good job.

  • RDHudak

    Very cool Pat. The dish looks amazing and I will be making some soon. I also like the way you have the little guy in the kitchen helping. I do the same with my kids and they love it. Glad to see you back and the “other” little guy is freakin’ huge!

  • Gchomuk

    About time, slacker. Look awesome.

  • DaveAll

    Glad you are not like “some” hosts, welcome back. Thought I had the wrong URL, the little guy had his pants on! ha. nFiletto sauce looks great. Gonna give it a try this week! Cooking with a glass of vino in hand is always nice!

  • Jcha24

    looks good as usual

  • Buzzrose

    Can’t believe you never heard of Filetto di Pomadoro sauce, esp since you eat out at so many Italian restaurants. Guess you can still learn some new things. Love Paolo cooking with you!nMaybe he’ll get his own show!

  • BurroBoy

    Bravo Pietro!

  • philoxera

    So the new presenter is a lot better than the regular Bozo

  • Brandon

    At least your pumping out more episodes than WLTV these days.

  • Anonymous

    not really

  • Julius

    Nice pan. ;)

  • Brooklyn Paul

    “Well hopefully I will be getting up an episode a week and as summer draws near will get back to Taste Test Tuesdays- ”



    LOL – Jerk

    Hopefully has a broad meaning


    She is a beauty, I took it off some guy wandering the streets of NY. I do love that pan J-man but still scared of that mandelin


    that is a good point GVaD


    That is a good point and he is a little thinner too.


    Burro! hope all is well


    Hardly ever see it on a restaurant menu and now that I am paying attention have come across it once but it did not seem as pronounced on the onion as the recipe is-


    Thank you sir! Look forward to our next wine drinking fest…sadly I could not make the last one


    Hey Dave, Yes my wife insists he keep his pants on when I am filming these days… every so often he still busts out of the house nude as can be. Yeah even if I start sauce at 8am I grab a glass


    Thanks for checking the video out- yeah Little Kahuna2 is a big boy height wise – It is always fun to have the kids in the kitchen


    Back then gone again


    Yes we were back for a short time but finally got a new errrr old episode up


    Hi Michelle,  That was a ton of fun to do and Gary was very generous with letting us choose those wines. Wish it would have been less wine tasting and more story telling


    Don’t worry it only took three months but a brand spanking new episode filmed 5 months ago is up!


    I’lll try it

  • Richard Korzenko

    I’m queuing this up this week, sounds delicious!

  • jianji940

  • xingdong


  • rod

    Rao’s used to make Cuore di Pommodro, which I loved.