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By Patrick

Ok got it all figured out and all the comments are back- Hate to admit the error was mine …..but it was-oops


Just wanted to let everyone know that for some reason I can not comment from my own blog! Great right-I have responded to everyone who has left comments in the last 3 weeks or so and they are all sitting in my admin area but will not post- I will keep trying to get this fixed and thanks as usual for checking out the site.


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  • Michelle

    We all assumed it was…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the very nice and of course, funny response you gave to a series of questions I asked about cutlery/other recently.

    I had a few questions for you-career oriented, and I would like to talk to you either by phone or email. Could this be possible?

    I’m thinking of changing careers. I’ve been everything from an engineering consultant with the Army/Navy, to a plant manager, to a shop rat and construction guy.

    Now I’m looking for work, and if all possible, I’d like to work with my passions – wine and ever increasingly, food.

    Any advise?

    Take care and perhaps we’ll talk sometime. Thanks for you time and your show – it’s very enjoyable.



    Hope you get this email, would be happy to speak to you. I fried my comments section again this week-lol can’t help myself always trying to tweek it. Anyway if you don’t get this via email I will reach out to you via the comments system also. .nnTalk to you soonnPatnnSent from my HTC on the Now Network from Sprint!nn—– Reply message —–