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2005 Les Crêtes Syrah Coteau La Tour – Italy, Valle d’Aosta

By Patrick

[list][*][b]2005 Les Crêtes Syrah Coteau La Tour[/b][i] – Italy, Valle d’Aosta (9/7/2010)[/i]
light wine on pour – nose had some red fruits and rose/floral nose – this followed through with a very light drinking wine with subtle red almost rasberry fruits coming thorugh some earthyness to it- sort of in the Burgundy style – finish had a grapefruit citrus to it- Interesting wine and not what many think of when they read Syrah- This is a wine to be paired with dished you would have a Pinot Noir with. Wife enjoyed this alot for its light drinking ease. Low alcohol makes it very food friendly-

Interesting that I can not find the vintage anywhere on the bottle- Lots of Sediment- Purchased as part of a pack and I guess it pro-rated out to $20- not really a great buy but something that makes me want to understand the region it came from and the style of wines produced their [i][b](87 pts.)[/b][/i]

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