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N.V. Ca’ Furlan Cuvée Béatrice Prosecco- Italy, Veneto

By Patrick
  • N.V. Ca’ Furlan Cuvée Béatrice – Italy, Veneto (7/25/2010)
    Really enjoyed this prosecco – color was a light straw color and the nose had some refreshing floral notes and almost a pineapple hint on the nose- I would call the a champagne drinkers prosecco in that is very low on the sweetness scale. This wines starts to change a lot as it warms up and you almost get some of the tropical flavors you would find in a Sauvignon Blanc -nice acidity on the finish- Have had 3 bottles so far and will be getting more for $10 this is a no brainer- Oh and it has a champagne type closure so you do not need a corkscrew like other prosecco’s (89 pts.)