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Grilled Pizza Topped With A Quick Sausage Ragu – Episode 177

By Patrick

A long lost grilled pizza video – ok not that long lost just from July. This is a quick and easy sausage ragu topping for the pizza and really comes together nicely. Here is the link for the pizza dough recipe – Click Here

  • castello

    Tape delayed! Boo. Looked great with a big Petite Syrah.

  • Michelle

    Beautiful! Grilled pizza is the best way to use up leftovers, isn't it? All of your earlier grilled pizza vids really inspired me to make them on our BBQ at our weekend cabin. My boys all love it, but, for some reason, my husband decided to build a clay oven with fire brick to do the pizzas in…I was perfectly happy doing it on the grill, but, whatever. So, he has been working on this thing since last spring…several re-do's (uh, the PNW climate is not exactly the best for a clay oven). Anyway, with drier weather the last couple of weeks, he has been able to put the finishing touches on this long, long project, and next weekend we will fire it up for the first time. Watching your latest episode is making me wish to just do the pizzas on the grill – it always turns out soo good….

  • DaveAll

    I have got to try grilled pizza. That looked so good and easy. I'm plotting my adventure. thanks for the video!

  • DaveAll

    I have got to try grilled pizza. That looked so good and easy. I’m plotting my adventure. thanks for the video!


    Just popped a 2005 Rosenblum Heritage Clones Petite Sirah the other night with some grilled sausage and it was really good-


    So how did the Clay Oven work? Well men are known to do things because we want to not because any logic is involved-LOL – Yeah the left overs are great on the grilled pies for sure. I like the grill also just because it is so easy to light and cook- Of course I would kick a nice wood fired brick oven out of my back yard though!


    Give it a whirl – they are easy and really good. I think most people are shocked how easy it is to make and how good they come out-