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Easter Bread With Momma Kahuna – Episode 159

By Patrick

Well we finally broke Mom out for a special holiday recipe and this one is the Easter Bread. We get a little history on Easter bread and I do mean a little along with some great tips for making this great fast breaking treat. Although I recently learned that fasting is not all that hard anymore, it seems according to certain experts that not eating between meals is fasting. Huh I have been fasting most of my life and didn’t even know it.

So lets get on with the program- oh and sorry we do not get to see Mom actually forming the dough into the shapes as she chooses the oddest times to do these things. Personally I think it was on purpose so I could not see any secret ingredients being put in.

  • Connie Carano Santucci

    Great job Auntie M:-] Wish we could be there for the Meat Pie and Easter Bread!! Have a Happy Easter.

  • castello

    Nice job Mom!

  • Nonna

    Thanks for the kind words Connie. Wish you guys could have been here too. Maybe next year? I wasn't prepared for the quiz(obviously) so I really couldn't get my thoughts together.
    Happy Easter and
    Congrats on the condo!

  • nonna

    Thank you, too Castello. It was fun.

  • The Mackins

    Great Job Mrs.P and Patrick looks delicious. Mom says it's as good as it loooks. Looking foward to your next episode together. It's nice to knw someone in the DOUGH!!!!!! Have a Haapy and Healthy Easter.
    Love Barbara Vinny and Liz

  • Suzanne Vara


    This was such an easter treat seeing your mom. The two of you make such a great team and very funny. I vote for more guest appearances from Mrs. P. Bread looked delicious!

  • Marsha (Morrow) Boggs

    Thanks so much, Mary, for giving me the web address of the Kahunna's food and wine. You were great and your breads look delicious. I agree we should all seek out the recipes that our Mothers (and Fathers) and grandparents cooked – they were the best. I neglected to do that and I am still experimenting with canning green peppers the way my grandmother used to – I'm getting close.

    The best to you and Tony and your family. Happy Easter.

  • Michelle

    Nonna is adorable! I say bring her on for all of the holiday recipes. Have never heard of “anise oil”…I do use anise extract and seed in my nonna's biscotti recipe. Definitely one of your best episodes!

  • castello

    Yes, what else do you use anise oil for?

  • nonna

    Mostly I use the anise oil in my pizzelle. It certainly can be used in biscotti as well. You would just use a lot less than the extract or a flavoring.

  • DAveAll

    Nice job Patrick's mother!


    Thanks Michelle – will def. have her back on again! and hey lets see a vid of that biscotti recipe!


    Hi Marsha, Thanks for checking the site out!


    Hey Babe! the bread came out great was a little sad that Little Kahuna couldnt help but we never would have gotten the bread done in time for Easter


    Thanks for checking it out- Yes it was very good!


    Mom did great! thanks for watch Castello- I apreciate it!

  • BurroBoy

    Thanks Nonna! Great show! We inherited a babka recipe from the Polish side of the family, but nothing like his from the Italian side. Mom always did a ricotta based Easter pie. I have to show her this.
    Kahuna, good question about the size of the eggs.
    Like she'd really tell you all the secrets…

  • ginascudieri

    Hey Big Sis, I know I'm late adding this comment but you were great. You did very well even though Pat caught you off guard. I'm glad we'll be seeing more of you on the show. Love lil sis

  • Michelle

    OK…I will work on that!


    yeah she is a shifty one- she casually managed to leave out a dozen eggs or so in the meat pie episode- when that airs


    LOL- do not let her tell you I caught her off guard- We will see if she is better prepared next time!

  • Felicia Risi Percaccio

    how much water do you mix with the yeast? It was not mentioned in the video.