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Sovrano Bufala (Yes it is spelled this way) Milk Cheese Taste Test Tuesday – Epiosode 153

By Patrick

As I was stumbling through Fairway trying to avoid the dreamy gaze of the cheese department workers I stumbled into this cheese- Literally- It was set up on a display and I walked right into while playing hard to get with the cheese department. I looked at it, picked up a piece and put it back but something called out to me “Hey big boy give me a squeeze” so I did and there was a great piece with a small rind and in this case yes size matters-

So to clear up what I mumble about in this video what I was saying is that in the price range of $12 a pound for this cheese rarely will a Parmegiano Reggiano deliver as much flavor as this Sovrano cheese- However when you get up into the higher priced Parm’s aged longer you gain a whole other level of complexity. So run and grab some of this cheese I think you will like it.

Categories : Taste Test Videos
  • Michelle

    You are in classic Kahuna form for this episode – love it! The ranting, the old movie scene, the orgasmic cheese gluttony, the pants come off, and the wine is chugged straight from the bottle…great, great stuff!

    I am shocked that there is not a big-ass FAIRWAY ad on the margin of this blog.

  • castello

    Get comfy and chug a little wine. Next, we need some buffalo steaks.


    Yeah have had the buf steaks but not cooked them


    Hey Michelle! Glad you liked it-sometimed the drawers just got to come off!!!

  • GaleZ

    The Morales family loved your sexy body!!! Tami suggested a straw for your wine !!!! :o )

  • Michelle

    It is easy to see where Little Kahuna gets it from.


    LOL – I will try it with a straw- but it has to be one of those curly ones!


    HAHAHA – I know right sometimes you just got to let it flow!

  • BurroBoy

    Ha Ha! I dig the buffaloes, but still like goat milk cheeses better…not merely because of their prowess and abilities to eat and pull tractors while giving birth.


    LOL! yes you have to respect any animal that can give birth and work the field-


    LOL! yes you have to respect any animal that can give birth and work the field-

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