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Pasta Fagioli (FAZOOLE!) A Quick and Simple Version – Episode 148

By Patrick

Everyone loves a good pasta fagiole and most people like a bad one. Well this is a pretty darn good one and it is simple and easy to make-There are more versions of this classic dish than you can shake a stick at, while I do not really get that whole stick shaking thing I do get pasta fagioli. Just to add to the confusion I threw in some celery and carrot something I do not normally add not is usually found but what the heck the wife is eating for two so she needs the extra veggies.

Many recipes call for tomato or tomato paste and some have no tomato all together-Some call for using rosemary- something I do not use as I feel it overpowers the dish. In reality if you have pasta and beans and a way to marry them well you have a version of pasta fagioli.

  • Michelle

    As always, Patrick, it looks great! Unfortunately, I am not a “soup person” so will probably never make that lovely dish. Thanks for another fun show!

    BTW – made an awesome grilled pizza over the weekend…sauteed SEVERAL cloves of garlic in olive oil (w/red pepper flake, of course) spread on the flipped pizza dough on the BBQ and topped w/sliced marinated green and kalamata olives, a little fresh mozzarella and shaved grana. So good…

  • Nonna

    Loooks delicious! Since Pasta e fagiole was a ususal Friday night or Lenten dish–the pancetta (or salt pork rendered) was not used. It was a very simple dish of sauteed garlic, with tomato sauce added, along with water. Roman beans (or cranberry) were the bean of choice, or the Cannelini (not “loni”) beans, aka white kidney beans. These were added to the sauce and simmered until tender as the beans were usually previously soaked from the dried state. A few dried herbs such as savory, parsley, basil could be added and then the pasta, either ditalini or homemade “sagna stracciata” (torn pasta or squares). Hot pepper flakes were added individually (usually Grandpa) and of course, the Romano cheese. I like the bean puree from time to time as a change.


    That sounds like one great pizza- damn I am envious of that one- and so no white wine and no soup-alright will have to break you down slowly!


    When are you making it?

  • ErieWineGuy

    Wow, that looks amazing! I had no idea what went into the dish.


    It is a great simple rustic dish that really can be amazing with the right bread for dunking in that soup


    It is a great simple rustic dish that really can be amazing with the right bread for dunking in that soup