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Fish In a Sweet and Sour Sauce (Salsa Rinascimentale) – Episode 149

By Patrick

So I do not often follow recipes very well but for this dish I figured it would be wise to try to stick as close as possible. This comes from the cookbook Gastronomy of Italy by Anna Del Conte, an encyclopædic work covering the topic from the Roman period to the present for which she was awarded the Duchessa Maria Luigia di Parma prize.

 Alright so right off the bat the recipe called for Tuna steaks but I had Swai( type of catfish from Southeast Asia which tastes nothing like catfish) and the first ingredient on the recipe is prunes. Fine I went for figs- so – I know- you call this following a recipe- Well the rest is the same! Ok I added a little hot red pepper flake- Well I add that to everything you know- so that doesn’t count really- but the rest is the same I swear!

Here is a link to a great article about Anna Del Conte by Nigella Lawson

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  • Michelle

    2 in a row for me…not a soup or fish fan. I do agree with you that white fish is TASTELESS. Still fun to watch you cook. Looking forward to watching TTT.

  • DAveAll

    good show. thanks.

  • DaveAll

    good show. thanks.