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Castello Danish Blue Cheese Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 150

By Patrick

Blue Cheese from Denmark is mild and creamy that will please everyone- A great cheese to get your toe wet if you are on the fence about our blue cheese friend. This taste test tuesday puts the Castello brand through its paces.

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Categories : Taste Test Videos
  • castello

    Wow, what a name dropper. Six or eight times I heard my “name” on the interweb! That looks like some good stuff. I got some of the Irish Blue cheese from Gourmet Library and had it with some bubbly last night. Pretty good pairing. I'll try it with red wine tonight.
    Thanks for the plastic wrap reminder.

  • zonk

    Hey Kahunas

    Thank you for the kind words about my home and native land's Winter Games… I'm glad your not trashing us for over the cauldron malfunction, the Zamboni melt down and weather like the British tabloids.

    Yes… the US trashed us, and my mother who needs a double cataract operation and has never watched a hockey game in her 76 years, until that game said… Canada's goalie guy wasn't very good!!!

    Anyway I digress, what did want I want to comment on… Oh ya! your show! I like do like blue cheese.


    PS. Castello… You have a fine looking cheese named after you.

  • Michelle

    I have had Castello (the cheese, that is) and it is very nice – definitely not as strong as most of the other blue cheeses out there. What wine were you pairing with it?

  • castello

    @zonk No wories mate. Oops wrong country, hoser. British Columbia is beautiful. I spent my 40th up there near Whistler at Squamish, camping and fishing. You folks know how to have a good time.

  • castello

    I've had Michelle(the brunette)and it/she was very ……..snookie like……… IYKWIM? Best with a brunello?

  • Michelle



    LoL brunello for


    LoL brunello for