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The Lord of The Lasagnas Part 3(finale) The Return of the Cheese – Episode 144

By Patrick

So this is basically the final video of the Lasagna – though there are a few small videos that will go up after this- This video takes us through assembly of the grand ole dame. Sadly no video of her coming out of the oven but I was able to get some video of one last sad little piece. Enjoy!

  • Michelle

    Beautiful! I make lasagne a few times/year, but never the size of that one! Interesting how you did your ricotta/filling…I have never thought to use fresh garlic, herbs or eggs. Also, I was suprised at your adding salt to the ricotta filling, given all of the cheese involved. I will try it…my usual filling is ricotta, parmesean, and goat cheese.

    A great finale to the “Lasagne Chronicles!”


    Thanks Michelle,
    I always try to adjust my seasonings to each part so that if each part tastes balanced then together there should be no over salting-

    I love goat cheese and use it for ravioli all the time but never for lasagna- I will give that a try

  • castello

    My S.O. says that's way too much meat. I say bring it on. Looks delicious and large enuf to feed THE Galaxy!

  • Anthony Nurse

    That looked so good but i don't have the time or talent to make. Can I buy one? For real how much$???

  • Anthony Nurse

    That looked so good but i don’t have the time or talent to make. Can I buy one? For real how much$???

  • Jcha24

    Kahuna, how many people were you making this for? Meaning, that was an insane amount of meat….how many lasagna’s did that go into?


    If I did not answer this fed probably 15 people- and there was some meat left which I freeze then bust out to add to a small sauce for quick pasta dish