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Me and Snooki from The Jersey Shore back in 1986

By Patrick

So due to some good ribbing about who and who was not a Guido back in the day – I figured it would be a good time to go back and check on some photos and see if we could bring the old school Jersey Shore and the new school Jersey Shore together! So enjoy Snooki and I on our virtual date- Now that is a Situation! Funny I couldn’t drive yet that but could by alcohol!

kahuna and snookie

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  • mrzitro

    Holy crap….you were RIPPED back in the day.

  • castello

    Snookie who? Is that your wife or a fling you had on the shore? Red Pants!


    Castello, Jersey Shore is a current MTV show that features these young guido's and guidettes(how the hell you spell that) down the Jersey Shore- so anyway had some conversations with a few buddies about who was and was not a guido back in the day- So I photoshopped the Snooki from the show(her nickname) with an old picture of mine-

  • castello

    Illegal photoshop! I guess I need to watch more bad tv. Do you know the hangouts they depict on the show?

  • AnthonyS

    I can't stop laughing.

  • soriano

    Yeah, forgot I had one of these fancy Disqus accounts. Still can't stop laughing.

  • Suzanne Vara

    OMG. I am laughing so hard over here. I can barely type. Goodness you were freaking HOT. All due respect to the Mrs of course. Yeah I went to high school with this and never … Anyway thanks for the walk down memory lane. Wait you do not look like this still?

  • Michelle

    Wow-what a hunk! I had to take a cold shower after viewing that pic!

    Forget the recipes – keep the 1986 photos coming!

  • Kahuna75

    LOL Michelle – Not sure how many exist from back in the day!

  • Kahuna75

    If I still looked that way I would be spending more time in bed than on the internet!

  • Suzanne Vara

    true but who would entertain me at night? wait a minute … I think you did your part in that area as uh new kahuna on the way. The Mrs. is done with you now. Still such a great pic to look back on

  • garyvaynerchuk

    u look awesome!

  • garyvaynerchuk

    u look awesome!