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Exclusive Article Written For Cork’ 1/6/10

By Patrick

Please check out this exclusive article I wrote for, just click the link below to go there then when you are done please check out Thanks Patrick

Making Resolutions Fun!

 Posted: January 6th, 2010
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I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, as generally there is not much really going to change in my life starting on any one date. For example the last 256 Mondays in a row I have woken up and decided that this was the day I got back to working out and eating healthier. For 257 Tuesdays I justified Mondays failures with unforeseen events……….. (Read More)
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  • Michelle

    Nice job, Pat…unfortunately all of these Cork’d articles are taking up time you could be filming a TTT or WW. (heehee!)

  • castello

    I think it’s Michelesesses turn to do a TTT! Or a Wino Wensdy.

  • Michelle

    You are right, Castello, but I like yours better!

  • Scruff

    what no syndication???