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Cablevision drops Food Network! While They Sleep, We Will Start a Revolution!

By Patrick

Let the Revolution begin-Cablevision drops Food Network and I am sure it is not all Cablevision’s fault- However folks it is time to bust out your inner geekdom and hook your PC to your TV! Enough is enough- Watch what you want! Netflix streams movies, full seasons of TV shows are available for FREE on the internet. There a thousands of people putting out content that you want, so go watch it! Want to bake a great loaf of bread – find a video on You Tube or google it and see the choices.  You can buy a new Blue Ray Player that lets you watch streaming movies also.

Want to learn how to hook up your PC to the TV just Google it or go to YouTube and watch how easy it is- Lets start today-Find some shows and watch them on your computer today- Find some video bloggers and see what they are doing and leave them a comment so they know you are out there!

Let us all send a message today!

And think I was joking about the Slap Chop Video? Be Scared!

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  • AnthonyS

    That was big talk everywhere I went yesterday. I have the Fios and haven’t experienced any issues yet. However, I totally agree with you on the online content availability. I just got Netflix and a Blu-Ray player with wireless connectivity, and rarely find myself watching regular TV now. It might be time to break away, but they’ll probably slap me with a hefty cancellation fee.

  • Suzanne Vara


    This is nuts BUT … if you are like me, within a few years, I promise you that the internet will be the way that we watch all tv. I originally did say that one of the cable shows would come out with it however this move here is a clear indication that we need more competition and that is what will happen. Advertisers will see that they can still advertise on shows online and some really smart techie will come up with a pc or apple tower that is similar to a cable box and that will be the way that we watch tv. With the explosion of DVR not many watch live tv anymore (except me as I really only watch sports).

    I will say that we know that Andrew lil Kahuna and littlest Kahuna will not have a cable box by the time they are in 4 or 5th grade. I have Cox for cable and pay a butt load so that I can get 3 channels that are kids shows, which they put as digital cable.

    Damn if u and I were loaded and techie, we would be gazillionaires as we would crate the internet box for the tv.

    Uh Mister, you and I have a date to clean out the dungeon. I am the ultra in organization and we could get Denise too and in no time we would have a wonderful clean space to talk food and social media.

  • Michelle

    I have never had cable or pay-TV of any kind…never will, either. Just got our first big screen for the kids to play their new Wii this Xmas, but NO CABLE. Love the content available on the web, and it is truly getting better and better, as I’m sure Cooking in Chaos will be in the coming months!

  • castello

    With shows like yours, we don’t need the food network. It’s half commercials anyway.
    I still need my cable internet though. Who does it better?
    Pbs has lots of cooking shows with few adds.

  • Michelle

    I agree w/Castello…cable internet is the best, and there are many good cooking shows on PBS. Kahuna’s boy, Rick Bayless had a show on our PBS affiliate several years ago.

  • Anthony Nurse

    Patrick I kind of like the videos from the sub terrain location, it adds a kind of flair and panache that has been missing. You should do other episodes from there. F’ the Food Network, who needs them when we got Kahunas Food and Wine entertaining us all for free on the net. Keep up the great work buddy.

  • castello

    @Michelle Rick Bayless in on in the SF bay area weekdays @12:30 I think. You may have to look hard for him but he is very current. Strictly PBS!

  • zonk

    Down with CableVision
    Up with KahunaVision

  • brooklyn paul

    You make good points but…. I have yet to see a streaming HD show or movie that looks good on a 50 inch plasma. Yes, I am an HD snob. So until everything from the internet is in HD, and there are no hiccups with streaming it to a large screen… I will stick to cable TV for most of my viewing.

    Lets Go Mets!

  • Julius

    Cablevision didn’t just drop Food Network (and HGTV). Scripps wanted to increase their fee beyond what Cablevision was willing to pay (without raising their rates to their subscribers) so until a deal is reached Cablevision can’t broadcast them.

  • Patrick

    True Julius they have been negotiating for a while but really when we pay $4 a household for ESPN is 50cents a household a dealbraker for Food Network and HGTV – However FN didnt have to pull programming either – I am not giving them a pass at all