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2007 Palestra Douro Red Blend, Portugal – Episode 135

By Patrick

This wine comes from Portugal and is a red blend that delivers in a big way. For $6 you would be hard pressed to find another wine to compete with this. A medium bodied wine that has a nice brightness and just enough structure to bring it together. Portugal continues to bring some of the best value driven wines to the market so give some a whirl.

  • castello

    What about Jim Burt? The good old days.

  • calicab

    Dude, you need a giants spit bucket

  • Michelle

    Love port, but not been a fan of the vino from Portugal so far. Good show – it is great to see the reviewer actually drink the wine and not spit. There is usually too many toys on the tasting table to make room for a spit bucket on this set anyway.

  • calicab

    Set? Kahuna's living room is a set now? I just like how the dog makes a limping cameo in every vid I've seen. pat, get that looked at, bro! I know good peeps at red bank veterinary if you need a reference!

  • Kahuna75

    Thanks I apreciate – 2 different Vets saw him the first 2 times it happend – both said surgery was an option – would have required attaching a new ligament or tendon- Even with the surgery it would have been an 8 week recovery time or so- takes about 3 months to heal on its own(vet explained the process) – He is now about 6 weeks in and he walks on it when we are outside but does not on the hard wood floor-

    Although with the Fox sighting last night I may need to bolster the yards defenses and turn him into robo dog

  • calicab

    Torn ACL? My lab went through that once, and now has ripped the damned thing again. $2K, down the tubes.


    How is your dog doing?

  • mike

    He got better with no surgery! Dodged a bullet…Thanks for asking

  • BurroBoy

    I missed that you covered this one…
    We really like the Palestro very much, and have several bottles in stock, courtesy of Wine Library, since it is not to be found in VT as far as I can tell. It is a VERY well made table wine and does take time to oxygenate…for the price it is a swell deal. My wife is big on the bitter finish, and this is alterative to Symington Estates – Altano from the Douro which is another go-to week night wine.


    I found a few more in my wine rack also- which made me happy to say the least- I will have to try the Symington if I spot it

  • CaliCab

    Still available at Shopper's in union at $5.95. I may pick up another case in case the '08 doesn't stack up…

  • CaliCab

    Still available at Shopper’s in union at $5.95. I may pick up another case in case the ’08 doesn’t stack up…