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Turkey Soup – Don’t Throw Out The Bones! Episode 122

By Patrick

Having a whole bird be it a chicken, duck or turkey will give you a great treat..a carcass. This provides the base ingredient to make a great soup so do not let it go to waste! It is as simple as throwing it in a pot of water and simmering for a few hours- OK a few more steps involved but those are the basics.

Want to hear a room full of people gasp at the same time then take that carcass to the garbage in front of my family and get ready to hear the wrath.

Categories : Soups
  • Nonna

    It was delicious–and so was mine, but it was turkey barley w/mushrooms. Thank goodness I retrieved the carcass before it hit the garbage!!

  • castello

    Let us see the little guy eating some of those awesome looking noodles. Good looking carcass. Did you pay for that hairdoo?

  • PhilCT

    Heya amigo.. glad i found the site!!!

  • zonk


  • admin

    nice! Zonk