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Turkey or Chicken Pot Pie – Episode 124

By Patrick

Here is another way to use that holiday turkey in a great easy to make pot pie. While your Thanksgiving turkey may be gone perhaps you are going to have one for Christmas or maybe you got a few free ones from your supermarket for overspending through out the year. Anyway next episode I will make the dough used in this dish- And wait for Friday when we kick up the Eggnog episode by adding the booz!

Categories : Cooking Videos, Meat
  • Michelle

    I love pot pie, and agree that there should be a crust on the top AND bottom…too many of these damn “foodie magazines” have pot pie recipes that have only a top crust…WTF?

    Yours turned out rustic and beautiful…did you just use a basic butter pie crust recipe? Little Kahuna is still very possesive of his dough, even giving you the “stiff arm” with the extra buttery version! Love it!

  • castello

    That looks pretty good but I’ve gotta bitch about something. MSG! We know you have all the REAL spices and herbs you need.

  • Patrick

    What was the MSG in? I have to go watch now-

  • Patrick

    Yes the little guy def still wants ownership of the dough – was a shortening, butter recipe that is up now

  • castello