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Skirt Steak Torta With Avacado Mayo & Bean Dressing – Episode 130

By Patrick

Well that damn Rick Bayless gets me every time-and well this time he got to my wife…uhm what I mean is every time I see Rick cooking or visiting eateries in Mexico I get all fired up to make some food. This time it was the yelp from up the stairs that did me in. Seems our pal Rick Bayless was in Mexico having some fun eating all these great Mexican sandwiches and the wife happened to catch this one, so I got the message. “Make me that!” A quick note I managed to skip a minor section in the recording of this – Ok not a minor section only the part where I assemble the sandwich- Well what can I say Cooking in Chaos was in full swing-Hell the little guy was making all Al Pacino like with the… nevermind.

For anyone who does not know who Rick Bayless is I will give you a quick rundown. He is the owner of of a few highly regarded restaurants in Chicago, along with a great line of food products called Frontera and also the winner of Top Chef Masters. Rick started out with a show on PBS and to be honest I could not watch him the first few times I tuned in. Then something happened, yes I lost the remote and did not want to get up to change the TV so after watching a few shows of Lidia, Americas Test Kitchen and Nick Stellino here came Rick. This time I watched the whole thing and I was hooked. I guess the best thing you can say about a food show and host is that they make you want to get up right away and start cooking. That was season one of Mexico One Plate at a Time and I believe he is now on season 6 or 7.

That is what Rick’s show does to me and it seems my wife also. It literally makes me want to cook right then and there. I always have been a sucker for good Mexican food and never had seen it presented in such a way before. I was hooked. One more thing about Mr. Bayless is that he is one of the most gracious people I have ever seen in terms of answering questions. The man must get a hundred plus Twitter questions a day and he seems to answer them all. Rick makes an effort to grow much of his own produce used in his restaurants combined with local farmers. Ok so maybe I have a little bit of a man crush.

  • castello

    Mexican Panini? Looks good but easy on the mayo.

  • Ken Payton

    Great episode, mistakes and all! We use Bayless’ books, too.

  • Michelle

    Little Kahuna steals the show again, however he should get his blood pressure checked after all of that salt!

  • Michelle

    Too busy with holiday stuff for the “Triple T?”

  • castello

    Taste Test Tuesday! The nut butter of the day is pumpkin/pecan butter. It tastes a little like apple sauce with pumkin pie and lemon. Not much pecan flavor in it. Suggested pairing is on top of baked Brie with Pink Champagne.

  • Michelle

    Castello has, once again, saved Kahuna’s a$$ by coming through with the TTT – hooray!

  • zonk

    wow castello

    That sounds very very good