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Pie Crust Dough For Pot Pie – Episode 125

By Patrick

This episode was filmed way back in April I guess so it is a little dated with my comments but anyway the idea remains the same. Easy to make dough for pie crusts and this comes from some one who never measures anything. Knowing how important it is to measure when doing anything in the baking world I give it a try. Sad try it is but I tried, even using measuring spoons seemed to give me a tough time.

Anyway this is the dough that was used in Epsiode 124 the Turkey Pot Pie, yes that is the episode where my 2.5 yr old shoves me away.

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  • mrzitro


  • mrzitro

    Is homemade pie dough worth the effort or is Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crusts good enough? Perhaps a blind taste test of both can help answer that question.

  • chris

    I freeze a stick of butter and a stick of shortening and then grate them with a box grater into the flour. Make a great pie crust.