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Exclusive Article Written For Cork’

By Patrick

Please check out this exclusive article I wrote for, just click the link below to go there then when you are done please check out Thanks Patrick
“Tis The Season” is upon us and with it comes all the hard work and anxiety that goes along with this happiest time of year. Personally, I think Bing Crosby was full of it. We work all year leading up …


  • Michelle

    Haha – love it! My in-laws are pretty wealthy, and enjoy drinking wine. For years, I bring nice bottles over, which they put aside and offer all of us “Barefoot Chardonnay” or a 1.5L of Sutter Home.

    My sis is no better…she is a physician who routinely goes tasting/buying in the Willamette Valley. I host holidays more often than her, so I tell her to bring a “NICE” bottle over for dinner. They show up with a something I can find at the grocery store for $10. Yet, she and her husband suck down all of the good stuff I have opened and decanted ahead of time.

    I got so tired of this, that I resigned myself to drinking inexpensive wines over the holidays, leaving the “special” bottles for another time. Thank you for the great tips, Kahuna! With a little pre-planning, cunning and sleight-of-hand, my husband and I can once again enjoy that special bottle at our holiday get-togethers without having the stress of wasting it on those who are less discerning. I wish I had seen this article a month ago!

    Happy Birthday to Little Kahuna!

  • castello

    Love it. Resigning ourselves to drink the cheap stuff during the holidays is a tough one to swallow.
    I think I’ve got some midrange bottles for the ungratefull ones.
    Great article. Do you write for Cork’d regularly? Are you one of the Honchos?

  • brooklyn paul

    what is going on?

    wow, you are such a BLN