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Eggnog Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 126

By Patrick

There is a skip in episodes here but for good reason, Episode 124 & 125 will be posted following this. Anyway I give three brands of eggnog a whirl Hood, Turkey Hill and Southern Comfort – These are all non-alcoholic but don’t worry in episode not far away I change all of that!

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  • Michelle

    Numero Uno!
    Have not yet watched this…will do so later, with Max’s older brother, Rex (the only one in this house who likes “NOG”).

    Nice tree!

  • castello

    It’s a little thick for me. I’d like to drown it out with Jim Beam some rum and some brandy and some……

  • admin

    Thanks Michelle I will let my wife know you liked the tree well depending on how old Rex is don’t let him watch Friday’s episode cause that is when the booze gets added.

  • Michelle

    So, Rex was too busy playing his video game to come watch…but Max is always up for “Cooking in Chaos!” After the initial pour, Max thought you would go with the Hood, and I thought it would be the Southern Comfort for sure. We were both suprised to see Turkey Hill come out on top, despite its thin consistency. Too bad we both hate eggnog. Maybe I can get Rex to watch the booze/nog episode.

  • mrzitro

    I kinda prefer the can of BORDEN® egg nog. You can have it year round!

  • Patrick

    Totally forgot about the Borden – Will give that a try also

  • mrzitro

    And I found that Turkey Hill Dairy products are carried by Tom Thumb Food Stores in the Panama City, FL area (a mere 1 1/2 hour drive away).
    I could add an additional stop at the Wine World store to make it worth while. ROAD TRIP!!

  • brooklyn paul

    Can you say…DaD? ;-)

    I never drink egg nog…ever. Maybe I’ll give it a shot this year