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Eggnog Loaded With Whiskey, Rum, Baileys, Bourbon & Jack Daniels – Episode 127

By Patrick

I like eggnog when it is loaded with alcohol and any combination of these will work. Give your eggnog a test run this year with all sorts of different combinations and you will hit on a winner. Try some peppermint ice cream mixed in or go with some caramel sauce drizzled along the way- There are endless choices to go with and surely you will find one to make you happy. Even Brooklyn Paul will enjoy eggnog this year with Baily’s and Rum in it!

  • Florentina

    I know that’s the best eggnog ever. Did you let your son taste it? I just have a feeling you did lol

  • castello

    Wow! Looks yumbolicious. Is that Jack Daniels Rye whiskey?

  • Michelle

    LMAO! A most entertaining episode…I bet you did give Little Kahuna a taste!

  • Stephanie

    Potential video of the hummingbird cake cooking adventure if it happens? Like the blog… thanks for visiting mine too! :)

  • Patrick

    Yes the little guy got a taste for sure- thanks for checking in.

  • Patrick

    Castello tht is the Jack Green label which never used to be available up this way

  • Patrick

    Stephanie- still looking to make that cake- however I went with a slow cooking oven dish so no backing Saturday-

  • zonk

    The Night before a Kahuna Christmas

    Twas the night before Christmas, all through the Kahuna house
    Not a creature was stirring, not Paolo, not even a mouse.
    When out of the bathroom there arose such a clatter,
    Mrs Kahuna sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

    There was Kahuna with head hung deep in the bowl,
    Twas evident the spiked Nog was taking it’s toll.
    Oh Whiskey, Oh Bailey’s, Ohhh Bourbon, Oh Jack,
    Kahuna spews and exclaims I swear next year I will cut back.

  • Patrick

    Zonk that had me laughing my arss off- Just Classic!

  • Michelle

    HAHA Zonk! That was great!

    (No TTT yet, huh?)