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Duck Prosciutto and Cerignola Olives – Episode 123

By Patrick

I came across this great duck prosciutto in Fairway the other day and it made me scratch me head a little- so Pulled the splinters out of my fingers and asked to see it- I was pretty sure they could not do it with the legs and make a slice-able product- So after taking a look at it for sure it was the breast-I figured this was going to be great or a disaster- did not see any room for a middle ground.

This stuff is great and its taste rivals some of the great dried meats of the world- Even giving some of the famed Spanish hams a go for it- GourmetLibrary carries this also so give it a whirl-

The Cerignola Olives are starting to pop up all over the place now- personally I love them however I fear their popularity is being gained by party hosts who normally put out a can of black olives in a bowl which do not get eaten and now are replacing that bowl with these bright lively huge olives that look more decorative than for edible. Well whatever the reason is I am glad cause they are good-

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  • castello

    I mail ordered some Duck Breasts from back there somewhere. It’s called D’Artagnan in New Jersy. I got them mostly for my buddys wine/exotic meat party. It was the best meat there. It beat out the Kangaroo, black bear, crocodile, aligator, python and the wild boar. The duck was a Moulard, a cross between Peking and some other duck bread for it’s low fat and large brestesess. It came fresh and soaked in a teryaki suace and was like eating steak, sort of.
    As for proscuito, I still can’t get over how greasy it seems. I often have it on a sandwich at the local deli with turkey, cheese and stuff and I love it. When I buy it on it’s own, I still haven’t been able to enjoy it like you seem to. Would like to try that one made with duck.

  • Burro Boy

    I have to echo castello a bit here….D’Artaggnan is probably the purveyor of origin. I was at a trade wine tasting put on by Calmont Beverage back in March, and Provisions International here in VT laid out a really nice cheese and charcuterie table…it was all great, but the duck prosciutto was the hands down, undisputed champion. I can still taste it in my mind, and I’m glad it is not too easy to get ahold of, otherwise I would break the bank and fill my arteries up with the stuff.

  • admin

    Castello I agree duck is just awesome and when served with other meats it really shines- Still amazing to me how little used it is. I fully plan on cooking more duck in 2010 all year instead of just in the summer when I make it alot in the smoker.

  • admin

    Ok Burro thanks for confirming this for me as I started to think I was crazy as too how much I loved this duck prosciutto. I actually had a little for a snack today. I just can not decide what to do with it outside of eating straight. I can see making some great tortollini with it.