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Canned Tomatoes Crushed Domestic Hunt’s, Tuttoroso & Red Pack Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 132

By Patrick

This week needed to make a big sauce and was planning on taste testing different tomato pastes-then got a suggestion to try tomatoes from the can also- So I had to go get canned tomatoes anyway so figured I would grab different brands to try. Future Taste Tests will include San Marzano tomatoes DOP vs San Marzano non DOP and maybe some fire roasted tomatoes also.

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  • Suzanne Vara


    Do you recommend straining the extra juice in the can so you just have the tomatoes and go from there? It may cut down on the acidity and is more for a thicker sauce liked used in a deep dish pizza sauce.

    Hey something I know. I love the crushed tomatoes for a quick toppingo n spaghetti!

  • mrzitro

    I was surpised also that you liked the Hunts.
    Too bad you didn’t try Progresso, I would have liked to see your evaluation of it.

  • mrzitro

    err…I was surprised

  • jaye

    Looking forward to your review on the San Marzano DOPs … maybe against the winner of the other taste-offs? I just used Cento SMDOP’s this past weekend because they were on sale. Made a nice pomodoro.

  • castello

    Tasting in Chaos! Good job. You hardly let the little guy distract you at all. I think you’re ready for another baby.

  • Michelle

    TTT returns – yay! How about a review of that wine you had there tomorrow?

  • Chris

    Good review, like to mix up the crushed and whole’s when making a long cooked sauce.

  • Patrick

    Hi Chris- I do the same I used crushed, puree and whole for the big sauces -

  • Nonna

    Just finished watching the whole thing. I use a lot of the Hunt’s diced and have used all 3 at one time or another for making sauce. To counter acidity, however, I use a pinch or two of baking soda. Works every time and doesn’t have the sugar taste. The one thing I dislike with the Tuttorosso crushed is the amound of the skins in it, especially noticible if I use in a soup e.g. pasta e fagiole. They float around on top!!

  • DAV

    wow. first time viewer. Great “real” life experience. I used petite diced since I like the chunkiness. Very interesting as I assumed they all tasted the same. very cool. i’ll be back for more.