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Beef Bourguignon Modified Julia Child’s Recipe – Episode 131

By Patrick

Everyone has those pieces of mystery meat stuck in their freezer and most people have left over wine from a few nights ago still standing on the counter- so go ahead marry the two and make a beautiful meal. One major modification for this recipe is that I do not make a loose version which needs to be strained to make the final sauce. I do it all in one pot and when it comes out of the oven it is ready to roll! This is Julia Child’s famous recipe with just a tweak or two. Noted in the video and noted here is the fact that I add whole peppercorns but if you do not like peppercorns getting caught in your teeth or the spicy crunchy burst just use cracked black pepper. In fact I would suggest the cracked black pepper- If straining you can use the whole berry.

Categories : Cooking Videos, Meat
  • castello

    Julia would be proud.

  • Michelle

    That looks incredible…(did you add red pepper flake to the bacon fat/oil? I thought I saw some…) Definitely going to make that in the next week or two, only I will add extra garlic, ground black pepper, and forget about the noodles. Great show, as usual!