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Alouette Cheese: Berries & Cream and Sweet & Spicy Pepper Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 120

By Patrick


So the good people at Alouette sent over some cheeses to be cooked with and taste tested on Taste Test Tuesday. Corrinne got me the goods and in there she also included some great coupons for my viewers to get some free cheese to try- So leave a comment in this episode and I will pick a winner to send the coupon too- If we get more than 10 comments then 2 winners. I will be doing some cooking videos with the other Alouette products that were sent and giving away more free cheese then also.

Thank you to everyone who has been sending emails and leaving comments-Also please note that we now have a search bar on the right side and a new tab for “Episode Guide”. I hope you find these tools useful.

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  • Michelle


  • Nonna

    Both sound great. For a minute I thought you forgot bacon with the berry/onion combo–but you came through. Can’t wait to try them–save me some

  • Michelle

    I think I have seen Alouette products in my (Seattle) area. Will take a closer look next time at the store…I would try the pepper blend if I can find it.

  • castello

    Now we’re into the 21st century on the Galaxys best show. That is some high tech stuff.
    Does that cheese have any velveta in it?

  • zonk


    A haircut and a button down shirt with a collar… the classiest show so far.