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2007 Juan Gil Monastrell Jumilla – Episode 129

By Patrick

This is one of those must try wines of every vintage and this wine delivers sort of. This is no pop and pour wine, it must be allowed to breath and open up. Generally you can find this wine around $12-$14 a bottle. See the notes on the end of the video for my final review-

  • Michelle

    I absolutely always have a stash of Juan Gil in my cellar…have had good luck picking up older vintages on Winebid for $10-15, and I just bought the rest of the ’06 at a local store. Haven’t had the ’07 yet, but did purchase one bottle, and it has the same package as previous vintages, not the label design you have.

    This wine does need decanting…it is one of my favorite inexpensive wines that we keep on hand at all times.