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Stromboli With Capicola and Sopressata – Episode 116

By Patrick

Well the little guy as he does every other day woke up and waddled down the stairs, poked me in the eye yelled WAKE UP and DOUGH into my face. Yes it is a special way to wake up in the morning, or he does all of the above and yells BACON!

Anyway we now have to keep about 50 pounds of flour in the house to keep the little guy in pizza dough and happy. So this was good timing as I had just gotten a request for a stromboli from my pal Suzanne who is out in Vegas and I am sure missing her NJ pizza joints.

Anyway this was a single dough recipe which I split in two- I let the whole recipe rise then on the punch down I split them and create 2 dough balls- makes 2 nice size pizzas or a few calzones or a stromboli and a calzone or a pizza and a…. nevermind you get the idea

  • castello

    that looked yumbolicious. I had my first calzone a couple months ago and it looked similar but maybe some pizza sauce in it.
    You’re not gonna get many invites to parties after that comment on WL. LMAO!

  • Light Delight with TouTou

    aha! that’s interesting ! you do all the cooking post with video ? really great idea !
    also, the food really yummy!!!

  • castello

    So I ordered a Stromboli from the same place where I got the awesome Calzone. I also ordered a Calzone also but went with the combo instead of the normal awesome meat only. Let me make a long story even longer. When I picked it up they gave me a pizza box and a small/medium bag which had the Calzone. I figured maybe they put the Stromboli in the box for traveling? Doe! When I got to my destination……it was a pizza. So I still haven’t had a Stromboli. The Pizza was really good anyway and it was all the stuff I ordered for Stromboli. The Calzone was/is a mess. It was way juicy with sauce spilling out and chunks of raw bell peppers and onions falling out. Still tasty but to toooo two 2 sloppy. Please, fax me a Stromboli!

  • Michelle

    I have never heard of “stromboli,” but another way to use yummy pizza dough is always a good thing. Castello, are you sure that the restaurant you ordered from even had “stromboli” on the menu?

  • Michelle

    Miss the wine reviews, Kahuna…hope to see some soon!

  • admin

    They will be making a comeback soon I promise.

  • castello

    @Michelle. Yes, it is on the menu but there did seem to be a little language barrier. They wer very busy and maybe I got somebody elses pizza. Some for breakfast right now!

  • Suzanne Vara


    I LOVE YOU and I want your stromboli, the one that you made of course! I would vary it with layering the dough with mozz first cuz I love mozz cheese. Looked sooooooo good. I will try this for sure and take pics to send to you. MMMMMMM.

    Muah, Muah and more Muah