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Spinach Stuffed Shells With Vodka Sauce(nothing like the catered mess you are used to) – Episode 117

By Patrick

Nothing sinks me faster than going to a party or event and seeing that neon orange pink tray of penne in vodka sauce- Ugh I almost gagged just saying it- Yes I HATE Vodka sauce or do I? What I hate is that cream laden, flour thickened, fake parmigiano infused mess that often gets served at events- Oh and I love when they throw a few peas in for color- YUCK-

A while ago someone made a homemade vodka sauce and it was really good-Nothing like I was expecting. Interesting, so now I have to say I like vodka sauce? I really still can not say it but in fact I do, when someone takes the time to create a yummy well thought out version of it-So here is my take on vodka and stuffed shells-Enjoy

Also you may see the Vodka Sauce appear as a seperate episode and the stuffed shells seperate as well-

  • castello

    What kind of wine goes with that. Nice show, I could do that.

  • castello

    For the ratings you shoulda lit it on FIRE! I do it whenever I pan fry a steak or a pork tendeloin. It’s the highlite of the nite.

  • Michelle

    Castello is absolutely right…next time light it on FIRE!